Thursday, October 14, 2010

10 Years and Counting

Ten years ago on this day, I married the best man I have ever known. We've had an interesting journey so far. Lots of potholes in the road and plenty of good times, too, but God has brought us even closer together through it all. I am amazed at what God has done in our marriage. The best part is, that the miracles and growth and blessings and provision have all come pouring in when we both gave up trying to keep our independence, our sense of self, our individual rights and totally let God have it all. BUT, He's not done with us yet! Isn't that great?! We are really only at the beginning. He's got so much more for us to do, to see, to be. I can't even really imagine it, but its gonna be fantastic! Happy Anniversary, husband and dearest friend for life!

Friday, October 8, 2010


I'm trying to think about how I can give as much information doing as little typing as possible....I know, I'm a monologue-er. Well, let's just start from where I left off.

So, I found out I was pregnant on the 10th of August after I had had several days of extreme sleepiness and fatigue. I honestly though something else was going on, plus the fact that Sam's parentals had come and we painted the living room among so many other things. I was pretty tired and thought perhaps that was part of it, which it more than likely was. :) Anyway, after a big of speculation on mine and Sam's part, I took a pregnancy test at 11 o'clock the night of the 10th. Seriously, what was I thinking? So, shoulda waited til the next morning. Anyway, I was pretty sure that we were going to be having another baby soon, but I wasn't expecting it to occur for another couple of months or more. Do let me explain why.

After Ailey was born, Sam and I continually prayed in agreement for God to give us a solid 18 months from the time she was born until we got pregnant again. We did always pray that it would be God's will and not ours, though. I get very specific symptoms right around the 6 week mark which would put the beginning of this pregnancy right at the 17 month mark. :) So, He was very gracious! Okay, back to the finding out part....

When I looked at the results, I was really very surprised! Honestly, I started crying. Not because I didn't want the baby, but because I wasn't really ready for another pregnancy just yet. The truth be told, I was trying to slim down to my pre-pregnancies weight and had lost 20 lbs and was trying for another 20. I was being pretty selfish, actually. So, at 11 at night, my hormonal anxiety starts up and I cannot sleep. Not a good start. The next few days really weren't bad. I really felt great! No nausea or discomfort of any kind. I was able to continue doing everything I had been doing. I was pretty excited about that. Then, the weekend came and Sunday was a very hectic day. I started getting out of breath as I was teaching the big kids class and noticed I felt a bit dizzy. I kept on going. We had invited some people from church over for lunch and Sam grilled while I made the sides and everything seemed fine. We also got a dining set from a garage sale down the street, so after everyone went home, we got to work cleaning it up really well and boy did that finally tucker me out! That night, I didn't sleep well at all. I kept jolting myself awake and tossed and turned all night. The next day, I muddled my way through and we were to have friends over for dinner that night. I really should have canceled, but I thought I would be able to get through it if I just rested a lot. Sam grilled hamburgers and when he brought them in.....well, let's just say at that moment, my super sensitive preggo smelling craziness hit. My stomach turned and that was the end of regular eating for me for quite sometime to follow.

A whole lot of praying, craziness, anxiety, not being able to find anything good for me to eat and lots of other challenges ensued. Each time I have been sick like this, I have always turned to God, but this was the first time I have ever just praised Him in the midst of all the trials. I thanked Him for each little step forward and for every step back still praised Him. He's grown me quite a bit through all of this. The other very neat thing that came of all of this, is that other people were challenged as well. Sam, the kids, family, friends, our church family, the list is long! So, though I had to endure much, much was given in return and still continues to be given because God is so Good ALL the time!!! He never once left me. He stayed by my side, helped me along and most of the time, picked me up and just held me in my pain and soothed and comforted me like He promised so long ago. He is constant and does not go back on His word. His word is everlasting and I have no place, no right, no reason to complain. Christ went before me and suffered unimaginable agony to restore me to His family and to suffer for His glory is rewarding!

I believe God has given us yet another special little person growing in my womb and we are so excited to meet this baby!

I have lots to catch up on, especially where the kids are concerned, but that will have to wait for another day. I will tell you that yesterday was the first day, all day, that I had no nausea whatsoever, no smells overwhelmed me and I was able to do a bit of housework, too. Today is shaping up in much the same way. Thank you, dear Healer for every step you've brought me through! Praise you, Lord!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm kinda, sorta, maybe a little bit back now...

Well, haven't I been gone a while! I'm not going to do an update just yet, but I will say that I am pregnant with our 4th little blessing and was again down for the count for a while. God is sooooo Good, though and I am doing much better, much sooner than is normal and hopefully will be able to do a massive update in the near future.