Thursday, January 3, 2008

Getting up to date

Yep, its a new year and we are still in Austin and still living in a motor home living the life of gypsies. Although I'm just fine with where we are in our journey to becoming debt free, I do occasionally think about what it will be like when we finally have a house. I'm looking forward to my kids having lots of space to run around and play.

For anyone who doesn't know, my husband and I made a decision a little over a year ago to go back on the road to get out of debt. We are trusting God to take us on this journey because we are no good at doing it in our own power! God has been so faithful! He has given Sam such great jobs and He has also blessed us profusely in so many other ways!!! Hopefully, I will get good at putting all of those blessings into words so that everyone will be able to share in the wonder of it all with us.

To start with, we have two great kiddos. One miracle that has happened lately is that I have done a complete 180 on my decision that I'm done having kids ea natural. Well, I have been watching my kiddos interact and it is just the coolest thing!!! I really feel like there should be another one. Of course, Sam is not ready for that yet and if he never is then I will be just great with what I already have been given. The miracle is really that I am not only considering it, but would really look forward to it. Yep, pigs must be flying. If you are wondering what the big deal is, let me share a little something about my last pregnancy. There was a whole lotta throwing up for about 4 months. Yeah, a little thing called Hyperemesis Gravidarum. I'm sure there are several of you out there that know what I'm talking about. I had to get on Zofran just to be able to keep any kind of food down and my poor husband had to pretty much do EVERYTHING. I could hardly get out of the bed much less do anything else. Needless to say, he's got some hesitation. The great thing is though, if God wants to bless us with another child, He will prepare both of our hearts about it and we will be on the same page raring and ready to go. So cool!!! We do both agree that we would like to wait at least a year. We are hoping to be more settle by then. Also, I would really like for Zekey to be the baby for a while. Still, I'm just really giving it all to God. He's my master and He knows what is going to happen so who better to give it to?

So, perhaps this will be the beginning of a consistent blog...who knows?!

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Carol said...

That is exactly how each of my five pregnancies has been, to include the Zofran. I usually get about a month and a half break after the vomiting subsides before the hip problems from my car crash start up, so that by the time I'm ready to deliver, childbirth is a piece of cake compared to being pregnant. Each time I have cried and prayed my way through, and each time we have been blessed with a beautiful, healthy addition to our family. I thought we were done after the fourth, but after consulting Him, we agreed that there were more children waiting for their turn to join our family, and we'd be willing to bring them in to this world if He wanted to bless us with them. It's a lot of work, and everyone asks how we can possibly afford to keep them, but I have found that with each addition our capacity to love and care for our children has increased, and we have always had the opportunity to earn the money that we require to provide for their needs. We just go forward in faith.