Friday, October 30, 2009

Been makin' my own baby food!

So far its only sweet potatoes mashed to smitherines, but butternut squash, peas and green beans are on the way to baby food land! I can't believe I ever thought this would be hard...craziness.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My little chef in training

This is Zekey's special ingredient for soup - pacifiers!

Have you ever seen a Jacket Cowboy?

Here's what they look like according to Braden:

apparently he had a little itch. hahahaha!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yummy, yummy pumpkin bread,b

So, I just tried out two different pumpkin bread recipes and I'm hooked on them both! I tried Brandy's Banana Pumpkin Bread and I seriously don't think I will ever make regular banana bread again. The pumpkin tempers the strength of the banana and I really like that. Its soooo gooood.... (excuse me while I drool on myself;). I also tried a Cranberry Pumpkin Bread recipe that my friend Kat gave me. Its really yummy! It uses dried cranberries and there's a lot of roughage in it, but it doesn't taste like it does. I have definitely found two new favs that's for sure! Here are the links to the recipes and pics:

Monday, October 26, 2009

She's full out crawling!

Well, she's no longer commando crawling all the time. She's coordinating those little hands and legs and all out crawling. She's also starting to pull herself along the edges of things after she pulls herself up to stand. I think we are gonna be in trouble now!;p Its so neat to see her growing and learning..... What amazing work God does in us from conception on!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

CLC Youth silent auction contributions

I was asked by our friend and youth/site pastor Ricky to bake two lemon chess pies for a silent auction for the youth on Sunday. I decided to do an extra project as well because I've been wanting to do one and it just seemed like an opportune moment. I made a cookie bouquet with the help of my family. We all helped with certain steps in this process and we've had a really good time creating this. Sam and the boys helped me paint. Braden helped me make the cookies and here is the finished products including the chess pies and here is the link for Christian Life Church if you are interested:

Look at those Legs! and LOTS of pictures

Well, this is going to be another big photo update. (I know you've been awaiting this, Meemaw! Sorry it took me soooo long!:) We've had plenty going on, but very little time to blog about it, so here is all the latest happenings photo-style for the past couple of months. Oh and our offer on that house wasn't accepted, so we are continuing in our search. Saw one today and are going to look at two more tomorrow. We'll let ya know what comes of it all.

Sam got his ballroom shoes in the mail and so we had an impromptu photo shoot. Wasn't he a good subject?;p Ooh-la-la!

Just a spoon full of sugar.....c'mon, you know the rest of the song...(now you're gonna have it stuck in your head all day long....yeah, your welcome!)

This is a cutey outfit my mom got for Ailey. Thanks, Mom!
This was the carrot cake with the very UNcooperative creamcheese frosting...I've since found a more stern icing and will test it soon!
Ugly frosting gets covered up with toasted coconut....I'm not a fan of coconut in general, but toasted coconut rocks!
Gotta put a carrot on there so everyone knows what it is!
Ailey Grace having a good time with Zekey's juicy cup.
Zekey has an ability to fall asleep sitting up in the oddest positions.
This morning I put on Bolt for the boys to watch and Braden asked Zekey if he wanted to sit in his lap and Zekey said, "Yeah" and got right on up there. Isn't that so sweet?!

Last night the boys decided to dog pile Daddy so we had to get Ailey involved and of course we had to document the moment.:)

This was some time last week. I decided the whole place needed a good cleaning and away we went. The boys were very interested in helping.....really wanting to encourage this!
Braden did a very good job vacuuming. I did the carpets and he did the linoleum. I then let him go around vacuuming whatever he wanted.
Ailey would NOT be left out. She wanted to taste test the mop. YUCK!
Zekey mopped for me after I did a good day I'll be able to hand him the mop and he'll do a superb job all by himself!
This is just some sibling sweetness caught on camera a few weeks ago.

I packed the boys a picnic lunch in a metal lunch box. (Its the little metal box that the fire trucks and stuff that you got them for Christmas last year, Jennifer;) They had a really fun time going across the street to a vacant rv spot to have their picnic.
We got these little dipping cups at Sam's a while back and boy have they been versatile! This is a miniature sunday just the right size for boys...
I don't usually put ice cream in Zekey's cup. He prefers to just have whipped cream and sprinkles.

This was the second time feeding Ailey Grace solid food. She's doing really well so far and loves sweet potatoes....mmmmmmm:)

We went for a visit to Nina and Padrino's a couple of weeks ago and only got these two pics...shame on us! Anyway, this is a gi-normous teddy bear that belongs to their youngest son and the kids LOVE rolling around on it!

My mom came for a visit on the 9th and brought a TON of books with her. She's A-mazing, I tell ya!
The boys were so excited and they wanted to look at all the books right away.
Mom ended up reading for quite some time to a captive audience.

AND...this is what I've been up to today. I'm doing another little project that required ribbon, so I went in to get it out and wound up starting up yet another project! I've had these flowers laying in wait for me to make them into hairbow/bands and here is what I came up with. Ailey, of course, had to model for me.:)
She was having a good time as long as I was keeping her attention.

Yeah, then she started to take them off....she has gotten to the not liking things on her head point recently.
Here are some close-ups. I think they look cuter in person, but pics will have to suffice.

Jennifer, this one is coming your way....finally.
Had to add sparkle to these two. Yay glitter glue! Love that stuff!