Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kitchen gadgets that I love!

Some of you know I used to be a Pampered Chef consultant, but even before then, I was amassing interesting kitchen gadgets.  I love gadgets in general, but I really have a soft spot for kitchen ones specifically.  I have lots of kitchen ware that sadly happens to be in storage right now, but I have managed to bring my favorites along with me.  A lot of these are Pampered Chef because, let's face it, I either got them free or very cheaply and lots of their stuff are quality products.  Some are from Crate and Barrel and others from Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond or some kitchen store I happened in.  Always gotta keep my eyes open! :) 
bamboo rice paddle - I use mine for all sorts of stuff.  I especially like it for scrambled eggs.  Great for nonstick cookware.

these are professional mini loaf pans from Crate and Barrel.  I bought a silicone baking mat and cut out four pieces for the bottoms and man do they make good holiday breads!
Magnetic nesting measuring spoons.  LOVE THESE!  Both ends are the same measurement on each spoon, just a different shape.  When you stack them, they magnetically stick together nicely and neatly and you don't have to rummage in a drawer or have the spoons on a ring.
this is an islice.  I've actually seen these in Michael's and will be getting another soon.  this thing is super handy.  Has a magnet in it to stick it on your fridge or any other obliging surface.  It will slice open boxes, letters and many other things.
Pampered chef silicone tipped tongs.  These suckers can save your hands when cooking bacon. Nuff said.
Really good quality non-stick cookware from pampered chef.  I, sadly, never earned the entire set, but I do have a few pieces and have NOT been disappointed.
Pampered chef again.  this spatula has knife-like edges and cuts and scoops like a dream.  This is my favorite for using to dig into a lasagna.
This is their mini-spatula (PC, again!) this thing is wonderful to use for cookies and toaster oven purposes.  BTW: I am of the opinion you can't have too many spatulas or whisks......:)
pc again...noticing a trend here?!  This is one of about 7 whisks in my kitchen arsenal.  I use whisks for soooo many things.  Malt-o-meal, scrambled eggs, gravy, anything that requires mixing liquid stuff into a smooth mixture on stovetop gets treated with a whisk in this house!
Oh, look...another spatula!  I think this is one of about 6 that we have, but I might actually have more in storage....can't remember. PC again
PC, yeah.  this measuring cup is cool.  Liquids in one end and goopy stuff like butter and peanut butter in the other.
pyrex-type batter bowl with lid...pc...we use this for mixing up all kinds of batters.
pc - these are those nesting measuring cups that you look straight down into without having to pick them up to measure exactly.  Apparently, I can't have to many measuring cups either.  I have lots of them!
pc - silicone mixer and scraper.  want more of these, just have one though.  it doesn't come apart.  Its molded together.  Oh, yeah.
pc- cooling rack that is stackable.  I've not only used this to cool baked goods, but for a while we used it to keep our lap top from overheating by using it like a desk of sorts
pc - this is seriously one of my favorites.  its a rolling pin.  it even has a little prick tool that attaches underneath.
pc- stoneware - small bar pan.  fits great in a toaster oven.  Love the nonstick feature after using it a few times and the stoneware seriously just bakes better than metal to me!  I still use metal, of course, but I love me some stoneware.
this is the lg. pizza stone with the rack.  bakes a great crust!
I don't actually have this one.  Its the newer deep dish one.  I have two of the regular pie plates without the glazing.  I love them for my pies though.  There's just something better about the way the crust bakes in the stoneware.  (I also have several metal ones and use them when they are not in storage...haha!)
This is their bamboo cutting/carving board.  Its grooved on the one side as you see in the pic and the other side has a large depression in the middle for carving up a chicken or something.  I love bamboo kitchen utensils because it doesn't become contaminated.  Bamboo doesn't absorb like wood does and you can use it with your non-stick cookware.  I might have to do an ode to bamboo.  It just is such a versatile plant!  Hello, you can make shirts, sheets, towels, etc. out of it too!

Kitchenaid stand mixer.  Mine is actually gunmetal gray, but I love this thing.  My meringue didn't turn out until I tried it out in this bad mama jamma!  Sam also uses it to mix up his bread dough when he makes it.  

The kitchenaid hand mixer is fabulous, too.  I did have this, but gave it to Sam's mom cuz hers went caput!
I would be a very aggravated person trying to make pie crusts without one of these here pastry cutters.  It really makes all the difference when you are trying to cut the shortening into the flour.
this....I don't have one of these yet.  this is what I was talking about in my last post.  It will cut the zig zaggy outline on pie dough strips.  I've looked at them several times in the store, but just have yet to purchase one.  Soon...i think!

Anyway, these are really just a few of the things we have.  I have a lot more pans, pots and gadgets, but for now these are in storage or someplace.  When they finally come out of storage, it will be like having a huge birthday party unwrapping all of it.  Fun!  Also, since we've accumulated doubles of many of the things we have in storage, I'll have to find the extras a nice place to live.  GARAGE SALE!!!! :p

Making me book

I was over at Octamom's blog and she was introduced to this very cool book and is hosting a giveaway for it, so I thought I would share.  I will definitely have to get this book if God blesses us with any more babies.  Its for the older siblings and has all kinds of activities so they can follow along with the pregnancy and see what's happening with their new brother/sister as they grow.  Isn't that nifty?!  Okay, here's the link to the post on Octamom's blog.  She has the link for the site that sells the book.  Let me know what you think.

a few tidbits

Yesterday was an interesting day.  I decided that the whole place needed a sprucing up.  I cleaned the entire bathroom so that no one coming to see us would be scared of using it.  Then I vacuumed the carpets.  Yay!  At times like that I really feel sorry for my vacuum cleaner because if you could hear the amount of pebbles and gravel that thing has to suck up from my kids being outside....let's have a moment of silence in regard for the poor thing.......;)  Speaking of vacuum cleaners gives me an opportunity to share the one I really would like to eventually aquire.  Its the dyson ultralight.  I've played around with a few in the stores.  I wanted a Dyson when I first was introduced to them, but then they came out with the ultralight and it was love at first sight.  Well, I definitely won't be getting one anytime soon.  I'll have to wait until my current one goes caput!  We are about to add another child to the pile of Dyesses so, it could happen at any time....hhhhmmmmm....:p

After all that, I needed something else to do.  Two days ago I was reading the Chickens in the Road blog and she mentioned her Fool-proof pie crust recipe.  I was very interested in trying it.  So that's what I did.  I made a blackberry pie.  I made the crust from scratch and it was no harder to make than the ones I normally make from scratch.  Actually it was easier because the liquid is an exact measurement and you just pour it all in at one time.  Plus, her recipe makes four crusts, which I love.  I usually have to make a batch of two at a time because the recipe I normally use just doesn't turn out right when you double it!  So, this is what it looked like before we mostly demolished it after dinner.

Zekey REALLY wanted to stick his finger in the blackberry filling.
Doesn't this just have an old world, super yummy, wanna-just-stick-my-face-right-down-into-it kind of look?!
After eating it, I can honestly say I like this crust the best.  Its really light and flaky and kind of puffs up a bit when its cooked.  I'm gonna have to try it in my chicken and dumplings one day and also see how my granny's chocolate pie recipe goes along with it.  MMMMMmmmmmm...... Oh, yes, Braden helped me make this pie.  He cut out the leaves and put them on the pie and helped me cut the strips for the lattice on top. (I really need to invest in one of those pie cutter thingys that cut the zig-zag pattern.)  He really did such a good job.  Oh, I also have to admit that I used canned pie filling.  Normally, I would make my own because I just like it better, but I had bought some for a recipe and got one can of blueberry and one of blackberry by mistake. (I wanted two blueberry cans...very frustrating at the time, but hey now we have a pie!)

The next recipe I want to try is the Lemon Chess Pie that she has on her blog site.  I'm going to have to let the pictures speak for themselves.  I took one look and swooned.  This pie looks so stinkin' delicious.  Not to mention, I'm a lemon-aholic!  Anyway, here are the pictures that MADE me want to try this at home...

Excuse me while I drool a little bit more....allllgggggghhhhhhssllllllppppp!

Here is the link to this recipe cuz I know your drooling, too!

You might also want to check out her other recipes.  I'm thinking I'm going to have to work/eat my way through them.  Oh, Yeah!  Shelly's test kitchen!  Anyone wanna come help taste test?:D (Don't worry Vanessa, I will get to your cookie recipe, too!)

I guess this is picture day.  I have some more.  This was taken a couple of days ago after Zekey woke up from his nap.

Before I started getting his hair cut, it would be all fuzzy and stand up on end like he had just rubbed a balloon on it.  I'm really glad it still has that capability!:)

Then, Braden and Zekey just had to be silly.  I don't know where they get it from.
This is Zekey trying to copy the funny faces Braden is making.  He'll get it one day.
Yep, he's a cheese head!

Sam called not too long ago and said he was only having to work 8 hours today and probably for the rest of the week and that he doesn't have to work Saturday.  How cool is that?!  Yep, God in action again!  Could this be the weekend of the birth, do you think?  We'll have to see.  Its pretty exciting...  Anyway, I think we will go to the grocery store before the crazy 5 o'clock crowd gets there. 

Monday, February 23, 2009


Well, today is my due date. Yeah, not a whole lot going on. I called my mid-wife and we'll be making an appointment for next week, but she doesn't think I'll make it to the appointment.  We'll see.  Zekey was stubborn that way! :p  I finished all the diapers last night and now have nothing to do. (Rachel, I have taken pics for your special viewing pleasure. I know you were waiting, too, Vanessa! ;) I guess I will post a belly pic, too.  

I was able to talk to my MIL(ove) today and isn't she just fantastically awesome!  She has a hooked on phonics set that she wasn't able to use and will be bringing Braden's way when she comes to visit!  Plus, she has some handwriting materials she's gonna include.  I'm so stinkin' excited about it!  I had called her to ask her opinion on exactly what I should get and because I had found this other similar boxed set and viola! I don't even need to worry about it.  I'm tellin' ya God totally has the little things under control!  Yay!
Look at all the pretty colors!
18 in all...whew!

Full frontal..haha!  I think Braden's expression says it all, don't you?
All my kids in one picture..hehehe!

Zekey's Vocabulary

I can't believe I haven't really kept up with this!  I've decided to do a post so at least I'll have some sort of documentation.  Here is what he says so far:

1.  At this time he answers with an "uh-huh" for the affirmative, although not too long ago, (we're talking mere weeks here) he would say "shoo-mog" for yes and then he shortened it to just "shoo".

2.  Cookie

3.  Cupcake - sounds more like cuckcake

4. Cracker

5. Braden - which comes out sounding like BB, which also sounds just like baby, even though to him the two are apparently different words.

6.  Horsey

7.  Froggy

8.  Puppy - he LOVES puppies.

9.  Deet-deet - which is what he calls his pacifier, but he also knows when I say passy that it is the same thing.

10.  Mommy

11.  Daddy

12. Peepaw  - which almost actually sounds like peepaw

13.  Meemaw - close, but sounds more like mommy at this point, but different enough I can tell he's trying to say it anyway. :)

14.  Juicy - its what he calls his drink

15.  poo-poo - always good to know

16.  tee-tee - used for the action as well as the place it comes out.

17.  thank you - sounds like ankshoo

17.  hi

18.  hey

19. oh, no!

20.  no - Braden's having a hard time with this one because he thinks every time Zekey says it, he's telling HIM no.  Its really only about 50% of the time. ;p

21.  help

22.  please - comes out more like peas

So far that's all I can think of.  I'll have to add more, if I remember.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Here's a rather un-Cliff Notes-like discourse of happenings in our household


Well, my due date is fast approaching.  Monday to be exact.  Well, technically, I have two.  Today was the original.  My midwife and I decided at the last appointment that tomorrow around noon would be a good time for this baby to show up.:)  She said she didn't have anything going on and I think that having a baby at noon.  Getting some lunch and relaxing until evening at the birth center, then going home and "possibly" getting a night's rest would be just great.  Now, we'll see whether or not God concurs with this plan. ;p  Either way, if I haven't gone into labor by Monday, I'm just going to have a phone conference with my midwife.  Isn't that cool?  I don't even have to go in.  I love it.  If I were under the care of a doctor, by that time he/she would be discussing with me when we want to schedule the induction.  This is such a different experience.  Also, my midwife has not checked the south end to see if I'm dilated or effaced or any of that stuff.  She said unless I want her to, she doesn't do that until after the due date because she doesn't want to encourage any kind of infections.  The other good thing about her not checking, is I'm not expecting something specific sooner rather than later to happen.  With Braden, I was nearly 5 cm dilated 13 days before my due date and the doctor went ahead and stripped the membranes and that night my water broke and all the fun started.  With Ezekiel, I was dilated 3 cms for nearly a month and after I went past my due date by a week and he wasn't even dropped and engaged or anything, I was in enough joint pain and exhaustion to go ahead with an induction.  Now.... Now, I'm in some lovely pelvic pain.  It does feel like my pubis bone is trying to split apart, but that's normal for me and tells me I am indeed nearing the end.  The baby has dropped some which is why I'm having that pain in the first place, but I'm not really expecting this baby to come out today or tomorrow.  I'm actually just content.  In my head, I'm fully expectant that this baby could wait for another 2 1/2 weeks before coming out.  Its totally possible, though, I hope this pregnancy doesn't last that long. :)  I'm excited to meet our completely new, never before met, member of our family.  Plus, I'm very interested to see how God works out all the logistics.  Its such a pleasure to watch Him work and know that its totally because He cares for and loves me and my family so so much!

Diapers:  (Rachel, I know you've been waiting with bated breath for an update!;)

I've gotten a few more sewn.  I've got six total completely done and 12 more in various stages of completion.  I've got an assembly line sort of thing going and I hope I get them done before the onset of labor because it would be awhile before I could sit at a sewing machine for any length of time afterward.  It'll work out whichever way it happens, but I do put time in every day on them.  Just keep sewing, just keep sewing....


I've switched gears a bit on this.  Apparently, Braden learned the alphabet without me and has gotten very bored with the curriculum that I put together for him.  He has gotten on the website and has already mastered using the mouse on the computer to navigate the website and start learning how to spell some words.  Yeah.  Way to go with all of my good intentions!  Anyway, since he has been really wanting to know what words in his books say and he tries to just randomly spell stuff, I'm going to purchase the Hooked on Phonics Pre-K or K, whichever one is the level we need.  It was recommended to me by several people and I think it will do just what I'm wanting it to do.  Plus, the starfall people have a few things for free download on their site that go along with all the little lessons and I'm going to print that stuff out.  Braden seems to like that better anyway.  They also have some other things they are coming out with in the summer that looks like fun.  That's where we are with that.  The sad thing is, Sam and I purchased this whole type of reading, science, history, writing curriculum package years ago with all the old style stories for reading, an encyclopedia library, a science book set and some other neat things, but we can't use it at this time because it is in storage...who knows where exactly and its extensive.  We'd need a designated area in a house to have it all available for ready use.  We are hoping that will be soon, then we can just add and combine and do really fun stuff with the homeschool thing.  We'll see.

Motor home:  

Still getting fixed as far as we know.  We'll probably get an update soon.


Still working 6 days of 10 hours each, though on occasion on Saturday they drop it back to 8 and that's always a treat.  He's not as tired as he was working the 7/12's, but we're hoping for a 40 hour work week for a period of time so that he can "rest" as it were. :)  There also seems to be something in the works for the June time frame, but I'm not ready to disclose that yet.  I can say that if it does pan out, that we are very excited about it and it would mean big changes for us and a huge leap of faith.  I will post about it when we know something definite.

The boys:

Yep, they are indeed boys!  Braden and Zekey have been playing outside a LOT these days.  Oh, the joys of cleaning up the ring around the bathtub!  Braden is a lover of playing outside and since Zekey wants to do whatever Braden does, well....there you go.  They have dissension with each other, but on the flip side, just as often, they are helping each other out, making each other laugh and getting along beautifully.  True brothers!  I just love watching them learn and grow and Sam and I get such a kick out of the things they say and do.  For instance, lately when Zekey bumps his head or gets an owie, he comes up to me and is kind of fake crying and wants me to rub it to make it feel better.  Then he'll say, "All gone!" and then turn his head or give me his other hand or foot to rub and make it feel better, too.  All the while making this fake kind of slight crying sound.  He even makes the faces to go with it.  Such a turkey!  Braden on the other hand will scream and whine about his owie and if you try to touch it, the noise level goes up another decibel.  He says, "I need some neosporin and a bandaid!"  Voila!  All better.  He's also become very bossy in his young years.  He tells us things we tell him, "Like you need to be patient and then when I'm done, I'll do (whatever it is we told him to do...yeah)".  I'll also hear him instructing Zekey on how to correctly pronounce words.  When he's trying to say a new word and he's not quite getting it, I always tell him to look at my mouth and I say it a couple of times with him repeating it.  Anyway, apparently it is now Zekey's turn to learn from his wisdom in this.  It really just cracks me up, but I'm telling you Zekey is gonna be a little chatter box, too.  Its already started!  Whenever Braden comes up to me to tell me about something, Zekey comes right up beside him and starts jabbering away telling me about it too.  So funny.

The Flies:

I do believe their numbers are dwindling, but they sure are hard to get with the fly swatter!  I'm still being diligent, though. ;p

That is all for now....Have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Really neat resource for therapy and education

For those of you who do not know, my mom is an Occupational Therapist.  So is my Aunt Kathy.   My sister is an Occupational Therapy Assistant.  I was aiming that way in college, but went in another direction, obviously.:)  Anyway, let's just say, I'm no stranger to the world of therapy.  Now, my mom is always telling me about some resource or other to help with Braden's development, either tactilely or educationally or whatever.  She just told me about this website Fun and Function which was started by a therapist who has gathered all these neat educational and therapeutic toys and books and whatnot.  Its right up my mom's alley, of course and now that I've seen it, its right up mine!  Anyway, this would be a great resource for homeschoolers to check out or if your child requires therapy and you would like to get some of the stuff your therapist has in his/her stash.  Just thought I'd share, too.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I've fallen in love with a newly discovered blog.

I came across this blog because one of my email buddies gave me a link for a homemade vanilla recipe that is on it.  This family is doing what we would like to be doing eventually.  Not only is she a funny and fun blogger, but she's got great recipes, craft ideas and tips.  Anyway, check out the blog.  You won't be sorry.:)

Chickens in the Road


We've had a home invasion.  An unpleasant confrontation.  Close encounters of the 4th kind.  That's right, we've got a bothersome community of fruit flies...  It started out with just one.  Usually, they hitch a ride on a banana, but even if they do make it to adult-hood, they don't live very long.  I either am able to eradicate them or they just die off.  This time, however, they've not only stayed alive, but they've increased dramatically in population!  Now, its not that I don't like bugs.  They all have their purposes.  (With the exception of mosquitos...I still don't know what purpose they serve!) The thing is, they don't have any sort of a purpose INSIDE my house....EVER!  So, you see, the middle ground is where they don't have a death wish and stay outside and I don't actively seek them out in their element to annihilate them.  I think that's a pretty good arrangement.

Back to the fruit flies... They have taken over my kitchen and for a while, I just couldn't understand where they were all coming from.  I was using my flip flop as a swatter, but its bulky and the little suckers moved out of the way after the first THWAP!  I was able to get quite a few, but still the numbers weren't dwindling!  Where were they all coming from?!  Then, I noticed a smell coming from the combo pantry/washer/dryer area.  I thought it was the washer getting a little iffy.  Yeah, there were some potatoes that had given up the ghost and were turning to liquid delight for a colony of fruit flies.... yuck!  Well, we've gotten rid of those and cleaned up the remnants and now I'm on a mission to have our uninvited house guests leave.  I didn't have a fly swat because mine are still in the rv.  I don't like using spray for obvious reasons.  So, last night, I went to the store and got myself a fly swat and some fly tape.  So far, the fly tape has not tempted them.  Maybe if I put some honey on it?:)  I'm excited about the fly swat, though, my normal targets are much bigger than these.  At least its more user friendly than my flip flop.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Haircut Catastrophes

Now, I know I'm not the only one to ever have issues getting my children's hair cut at a salon, so I know that many of you will sympathize/empathize with me.  To start, some may remember the last haircut, which happened to be Zekey's first.  Both he and Braden did so well.  They both got right up in the chair, listened to the ladies cutting their hair and got decent haircuts.  Well, this time we get in there and its just me this time, no Sam to help, but I'm determined because these haircuts are long overdue.  Okay, we're in there, waiting for our turn and the boys are doing so well.  They are behaving and sitting in their chairs being patient little gentlemen.  Then Braden gets called.  He does fine.  Gets in the chair.  I tell the lady what I want her to do and she begins.  Now its Zekey's turn and he goes straight to the chair and the lady helps him into it.  I'm thinking, "Great!  Another good experience at the salon!"  Yeah, right after this thought goes through my head, Zekey all of a sudden realizes he doesn't want to be up in the chair and starts the fussing process.  Then the lady puts the cape around him and the process is furthur initiated.  We now have full out crying.  At the same time, the lady cutting Braden's hair is having trouble with him keeping his head still, so I have to go over and give him some instruction on what to do.  Meanwhile, Zekey won't stay still either and I have to go back over to hold his head in place for the lady.  Yeah, that didn't go over too well.  He was also starting to have a cow because he couldn't get his hands out from under the cape.  I gave him my phone to otherwise occupy him which didn't last long.  He "talked" on it for a few seconds and then handed it back to me.  Okay, back to Braden.  Still having a bit of trouble staying still, especially as she's trying to use the clippers.  He's extremely ticklish and is squinching his shoulders up to his ears as she's trying to clip around them.  (This is the point where the circus music that you usually hear played in conjunction with all the clowns getting out of the clown car and running chaotically all over the place starts playing in my here to here an actual rendition)  Okay, back to Zekey.  She asks me to hold his ear folded down so that she can get her clippers around it.  (Last time, I wasn't ready for the clippers on him, but I thought this time would be okay.) Remember, he's already crying and trying to get down.  Then she nicks his ear...twice.  Now, we have screaming.  This is the kind of screaming I usually have when we are at the doctor's office and shots are involved.  By the way, did I mention there were several people in the waiting area getting to listen and witness this whole dramatic interpretation of A Haircut?  I only had a moment for a passing thought about what the critics would say and then had to delve back into the confusion.  So, now Zekey's ear is bleeding in two places.  I'm still trying to hold his head still for her to finish as best she can, all the while holding a tissue on his ear to keep the blood from dripping everywhere.  I'm thinking there's an Oscar in this somewhere, though I don't know who would receive it.  We had so many well-played roles!  Anyway, she basically did what she could and decided to stop.  Poor lady!  I felt a sorry for her having to go through that!  After we got Zekes out of the chair, all was again right in his world.  Braden's haircut turned out really well, while Zekey's has a decided slant to it.  I did shape it up a bit last night with the scissors, but....well, let's just say it will grow back out.:)  The moral of this story?  Well, for me it is that Zekey is NOT ready for clippers, yet, and I will wait until Sam can come with us to join in all the fun! Thus ends another chapter in our saga...stay tuned for next time when who knows what will happen!? ;D 

Monday, February 16, 2009

What an amazing ministry!

My friend, Michawn, has once again caught my attention by introducing a beautiful ministry to anyone reading her blog.  Its called Helping Mothers and Babies, Incorporated.  Watch these videos for more information.  Also, if this ministry speaks to your heart, please go to their website and check out the ways you can help.  I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to go with them one of these days to help in person!  We'll see if that is something God allows.  Until then, I'm gonna talk to Sam and see what we can do from where we are now.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Latest Belly Pic

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Motor home news

We have now been informed that the parts are being ordered and things are starting to get moving in regards to repairing the motor home.  The time estimate, so far, is 6-8 weeks for the parts to come in and for the repairs to be made.  It hasn't really even been an issue as far as the timing of all of this.  God's got all that in hand anyway, so no need to worry about that.  We've just been hangin out here enjoying the space of the mobile home. :) 

I've just got to talk a little about God's timing here.  I can't express how just thankful and amazed we have been to watch how God pulls everything together in His time when we get out of the way and submit to Him.  Every time I think something is going to work out a certain way or there's no way it can possibly work out, etc, He throws me for a loop!  Its usually not anything like what I expected and its so far beyond better than the possibilities that I had in my head, I'm awestruck! 

I'm excited to see how he works out the birth of this baby.  Here are some factors involved in that:  could be on a day that Sam is at work, maybe not.  If that is the case, Sam will have to come home to get me.  The kids.  Will it be at night or during the day?  Will we be able to take them to daycare or will they be with us at the birthing center?  Will Nina get here in time to help with them, witness the birth?  We just don't know.  Only God knows and its all going to be in His timing.  I'll definitely write about it all after the fact, of course, but I thought it would be interesting to see how these questions I have before the fact are answered.  All I know is that it is going to be amazing and I have to wait to see it all unfold.

The other thing we are looking forward to is how God will work out the whole motor home thing.  We know it is getting time for us to stop traveling and settle down, but as of right now, we don't know how God is going to do that.  This is another exciting thing to wait and witness.  Its gonna be great however He works it out.

Just thought I'd share some of the things we're looking forward to and that way you all can be witnesses with us.:)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I love these t-shirts!!!

Check out these t-shirts with a positive message about your spouse.

Let me know what you think.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Yippee-kiyay-woohoo-hahahaha-a.k.a. -hallelujah, God is so GOOD!!!

We just had another bill bite the dust!  That's right, my friends, another one.  We are sooooooooooo excited!  We had some in savings and then our tax refund was a good amount and we put the two together and BAM! that sucker is history!!!  

It was interesting trying to decide what to do with our refund.  We could have put it into savings and had it there "just in case", which is what we tend to want to do.  We could have bought some things that we've been discussing.  In the end, though, after much prayer and discussion, we both felt that it needed to go to getting rid of our credit card.  Our main financial goal and the reason we've been on the road so long has been to get our debt eradicated and we both knew in this instance that God was giving us yet another opportunity to so.  To do anything else with that money would have been disobedience, plain and simple.  It isn't easy to see such a large chunk of money come into "possession" just to go away again.  Its so easy to want to hang on to it, to savour it.  That's greed, though, and we don't need to wallow in that!  So, out goes the money.  Away, goes that portion of our debt and we feel that much closer to being freed from the enslavement we got ourselves into.  Marvelous!  Makes me want to dance a jig.  That's right its time for another rendition of the bloggy happy dance!  I can really only make believe because I would probably go into labor if I actually tried! Haha!:D

So, without further ado...  Thank you so much, precious Lord, for once again providing what is necessary for us to get out of debt.  Thank you for being our advocate when we've done nothing to deserve that from you.  Thank you for forgiving our blunders and making a way for reparation!  Praise you, Father!  May our submission to You and Your Will bless Your heart and make You proud of us. We love you and praise your Holy name, Father!  Amen!

We still have one more credit card, the van and the motor home, but God's already got those plans underway, we are just going to wait for His timing and provision and be in constant awe of His Ways.  It is so neat to get to not only see, but to be a part of His handiwork in this.  He is The Masterweaver.  Wow.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Fun Giveaway!

Okay, people, there is a fantastic giveaway going on over at Octamom's blog. She is hosting a giveaway sponsored by . One blessed winner will get to choose which of the products available they want! Cool, right?!  So, head on over to Octamom's blog and check out the giveaway and then follow her instructions and enter.  By the way, they offer more than just homeschool stuff and not just homeschoolers can enter.  Go see for yourself!  Have fun!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Simple nothings about me...

I wasn't tagged, just thought it would be fun to do this:


two days ago. I was in the throes of Montezuma's Revenge. See previous post.

yeah, mostly


yep, 2 and one almost ready for debut

I would hope so, but you never can tell.

My tendency is to use it, but I try to only use it in a nice way and never with my kids. I don't want them reciprocating with me!

Yep, I tried to get my doctor to take them out every time I got strep (at least twice a year), but he insisted I didn't need them out. Since I've been an adult, all my doctors have wondered why in the world I never got them out. Go figure!!!:)

Nope, I have no faith in a giant rubber band.

Great Grains with dates, raisins and pecans...mmmmm....fiber!

Nope and I don't when I put them back on either.

Vanilla, though it used to be peanut butter-chocolate at Baskin Robbins before pb started wreaking havoc on my digestive system! hehehe

their body stance/language or if they are farther away, the way they walk


my attitude

family and friends

nah, only if they want to

sand colored pants and no shoes

Sam asking me if I want to put the whole can of pineapple on the pizza.

One of those novelty swirl crayons

freshly laundered clothes, freshly washed and lotioned baby, freshly peeled orange, lemon and lime

Well, I stole it....mmmwwwaaaahahahhaa, but I do like the people that had it on their blogs


auburn...(don't say anything, nersa!) It is auburn, not red or orange. I promise.

hazel. I recently found this out through some research into eye colors. I have a ring around my pupil that matches my auburn hair and then green around that with a dark grey outer ring. Yeah.

nope. I rarely even wear the glasses I have for my astigmatisms:)

Oh, must I choose just one? I can't really because I like a variety and I don't like to eat the same thing twice in the same day...well except for doughnuts and cake and cobbler and .....okay, I'll just stop there.

happy endings, but they tend to annoy me because they stop right before reality sets in.



winter, any day....don't like heat!

hugs from friends, hugs and kisses from my family

whoever wants to

whoever doesn't want to

well, that's funny...I don't read much when pregnant

just the color black

we don't get tv anymore...yay...we watch netflix instant watch

my kids getting along and laughing with each other, my husband's laugh..I LOVE his laugh, the first time I hear my babie's heartbeat

neither really. never been a true fan of either, though I know many of the songs.


Did you read my last post?! hahahaha! No, for a limited time I can make milk.



In our College and Career group at church not too long before I went into the military and he went to Bible School. We didn't have our first date until we were engaged.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Montezuma's Revenge!

Warning:  Too much information of bodily functions follows.  Read at your own risk!!!:)

Sorry about the absence, but we all got what my mom likes to call Montezuma's Revenge.  That's right, one of those lovely 24-hour stomach viruses that wreaks complete havoc on the ENTIRE digestive system.  Yep, both ends, people!  I know, TMI.  The only one who wasn't affected was Zekers and boy are we gratefully praising and thanking the Lord for that.  We prayed specifically that he wouldn't get it and he hasn't!  Hallelujah!  We think Braden picked it up from daycare because he started throwing up on Saturday and had been at daycare Wednesday.  Zekey was there, too, but in a different class. 

 I am so proud of Braden.  He was such a big boy about all the throwing up and going to the bathroom.  He made it to the potty most times and was at least in the bathroom for any of the rest.  Poor little guy is still recovering, though.  I think part of it is his stomach is still trying to get used to digesting normal food and part of it is he's scared that whatever he eats is going to make him throw up again.  I greatly sympathize, but I also want him to be able to eat again. :)  It'll day at a time.  

So, anyway, Sunday was Sam's day off and he went to church and I stayed home with the kids because Braden still was not up to par and I didn't want him passing on the virus to any other kiddos.  Later that day we all went to Sam's Club and all went well.  Then, later I went to Wally world and Lowe's and pretty much used up any energy I had.  I was so stinkin' tired when I got home!  (I also have to mention that my sleep for the past week had been constantly interrupted in some way or other and I was getting more and more exhausted.) Yeah, so about 1 AM the next morning, guess what?  Yep, Braden came into the room and woke me up cuz he was having bowell issues.  I got up to help him and as I was trying to get back into bed it struck like lightning!  From about 1:30 am until 3pm I was alternating between sitting on and crouching over the toilet.  At certain points during the day, I didn't think I was going to survive!  Both of my kiddos decided that they needed to whine and fuss at me and I was just trying to make it to the bathroom before disaster struck!  I had to call in some prayer support.  I texted everyone and told them what was going on and had many praying for us.  Thank God for prayer and support even if it is far away! I also called my midwife and she said to try and wait it out but keep the fluids going even if I was throwing most of it up.  Some would get through. :)  (I was contemplating an emergency room visit to get an iv.)  Anyway, I finally ended up calling Sam and was at my wit's end and he said he would come home early.  I was SO relieved!  I had him pick up some Sprite and a bag of ice.  When he got home, however, he wasn't looking so good.  That's right, not 15 mins. later he was in the same routine as I was.  Aren't we a pitiful pair!:p  Well, somehow between the two of us, we were able to take care of the basic needs of the kids and keep up our now combined routine of rushing to the bathroom at any given time.  Thankfully, by this time I was done throwing up, but was still battling the other.  At least, we were able to take turns and not double book the potty! :)  

The sprite and ice turned out to be the perfect combo for both of us.  We were both really thirsty and just wanted to guzzle a whole glass of ice cold water or sprite, but we all know that would have spelled doom, so the ice helped placate that desire and the sprite helped to give us some calories, rehydrate us and settle our stomachs.  We are very thankful Sprite was invented!  

Sam's saga didn't last as long as mine.  He stopped throwing up much sooner than I did and seemed to have a bit more energy.  I'm really glad.  This bug was a doozy!  He went to work today, but he's still really tired and I'm hoping he doesn't over do it.  Maybe he'll get to come home early.  I'll be praying for that today.  He still needs some recovery down time.  I am still pretty tired and have laid down and slept a lot.  Being pregnant and at the stage of pregnancy that I'm in, plus the lack of sleep just made my resistance to this awful virus that much weaker and it threw me for a loop.  I think it will take a few more days of rest to get back to where I was, but I'll get there.

I'm just glad that all the yuck has passed and we are in the home stretch!  Thank you, Father, for bringing us through it and giving us yet another opportunity to praise you in the storm!:)  I hope this post wasn't too disgusting, but I figure that everyone has gone through it at some time and you'll all understand.  I'll post again when I feel up to it. I'm afraid this has taken a lot out of me.  On to resting....