Thursday, July 28, 2011


Today, Zekey dressed Ailey.

 (Braden made some flip flops of his own...)

Today, I made the kids little barnyards for lunch out of graham crackers, peanut butter, cheeze-its, pretzels, animal crackers and shredded mini wheats.

Today, I made one for me, too. ;p

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Braden came in this morning to wake me up and ask if he could go ahead and get all the cereal stuff ready.  I said he could and then rolled back over and snoozed for a bit.  After a while, the kids were running through the house and I thought that maybe I should go ahead and get up and pour milk in their bowls so they could eat.  I dragged myself out of my room and came upon Ailey dunking some shredded mini wheats into a little bowl of milk.  Then, I immediately looked beyond that to see that the milk that Braden had used was the buttermilk.  Oops!  Not one of them said that it tasted weird or different or yuck or anything.  I'm thinkin' Braden is hired! ;p

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My kind of S'Mores

So a while back, I wrote about the baby shower we had at the house and one of the goodies was S'Mores pops.  I made some again sans the pop part and decided to do a step-by-step, since its easy and I actually felt like taking the time to take pics. ;p  One of my biggest dislikes about S'mores is that the chocolate doesn't melt enough to mingle with the graham cracker and marshmallow.  I usually end up with the chocolate taking over the whole bite and I like balance.  I'm rather crotchety about how I like my chocolate and I'm just fine with that. :)

Step 1:  You need a whole mess of yummy marshmallows, a good handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips and crushed graham crackers.  I would also suggest the mini baking cups to put them in, but you could also just put them on parchment paper. 

Step 2: I melted my chocolate in a pot on the stove top and once they got melty, I just turned off the burner and resisted the urge to drink it straight.

Step 3: I set up my assembly line and this is how it went:

Step 4:  Get a good grip on your marshmallow.  (It will try and wriggle out of your grasp and become one with the pool of chocolate.)  I will also have to admit that this is the stage where, sadly, some of the marshmallows don't make it through the whole process...

Step 5:  Dunk and twirl until the chocolate is halfway up the sides of said marshmallow and there is full bottom coverage.  We don't need no daisy-dukin' marshmallows here!

Step 6:  Gently shove the now chocolate-treated mallow into the graham cracker crumbs and mush it around until the chocolate is wearing a crumb sweater or coat as it were. ;p  Don't want our marshmallow catching a cold, now do we.

Step 7: Attempt to make your hand put it in the little baking cup instead of dropping it down your gullet.  It's pretty difficult to achieve this, so you might need someone in attendance to assist in this endeavor, but beware the temptation is catching so it might be good to have a whole support group present.  Ach!  Who are we kidding?!  Just go ahead and put the mini baking cups back up and save them for one of the kids' art projects.

Optional Step 8:  If you want to be all facy-schmancy for a special occasion or to see your kids' eyes light up, you can stick some cookie sticks into the centers.  It does keep little fingers safer from the attack of the Chocolate Mush Monster, though sometimes the fingers are lured into its enticing trap anyway.

TaDa!  Super Easy and not only is the chocolate completely incorporated with the graham cracker goodness, its bite size stature contributes to *99.9% of all of the yumminess making it INTO your mouth, so you don't have to store it for later AROUND your mouth.

*This statistic was the result of a completely biased and unscientific study conducted in an independent, non-controlled approach outside of a laboratory environment.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Family Photo Shoot a la Ali

These turned out so, so great!  Ali tagged me in a few of them on my facebook page, but here's the whole shebang.  I didn't even leave out some of the scary ones of me....they just won't be gracing my wall.  (The only reason they are scary is because of the faces I'm making.  I don't really mind though, because I totally make those faces in real life.  I told Ali to take pics of all that kind of stuff because that is what we are really like! :)  *Totally forgot to say that my sweet friend Ali of AliRae Photography took these.  She's marvelous!  You can see her stuff and get in contact with her here.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Different Job

My mom came for a visit over the July 4th weekend and we were talking about how we both have jobs that we love.  She's an occupational therapist and she's fantastic at what she does!  I was thinking that if I had to work outside my home, the only thing that I would actually enjoy doing would be a combo of organizational counseling/interior design/party planning.  Even though my house doesn't alway reflect it, I love to be organized and am constantly looking for ways and means to become more so.  I love organizational bins and boxes and trays and shelves and nooks and crannies and things that do double duty like a table with storage underneath....the list goes on, I promise.  I also love labeling things and have grandiose ideas of having a pantry with all the shelves and buckets and jars and whatnots all in their place and labeled accordingly.  I've already started on it...:)  Anyway, I do like helping people get organized.  I have a huge sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when someone's cluttered space becomes streamlined and usable.  It gives me a warm, squishy feeling inside and I'm not talking about the one you need pepto for. :)

I do enjoy decorating, but I have a pretty specific style and it would show up, so I guess people would have to want my specific brand.  I really like using what someone already has and using it in a different way or tweaking it to make it look different.  Betcha couldn't tell that about me.  I can do color and patterns, but not chaos.  If its too busy, I'm not the droid you are looking for.

As for the party planning, I like doing that, too.  Baby showers, birthday parties, receptions.  I don't think I would want to do weddings.  Too much stress! and too many chiefs, not enough indians.  (Please note that was the intentional use of non-pc terminology.)

Mom and I did decide, however, that I would totally have to have partners or assistants because that is a lot of stinkin' work!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Lethal Weapon

Its on the prowl.  Its hunting. 

It has very specific prey and none are safe.  

It looks innocent, even convenient. But there's a dark side.  Oh, yes...a dark side.  It lurks around corners and behind furniture.

It will even hide in broad daylight cameleon-style.

It has been trained in the art of patience.  It will wait until you least expect it and then... BAM!  IT ATTACKS!  There's no mercy, no compassion, it goes straight in for the kill.  Trust me, your toes never even had a chance!