Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, SAMhead!!!! (posted waaaaay late;)

So this whole past week, I've been planning and scheming and engaging in clandestine activities in order to surprise the pants off of my husband for his birthday. Every year I try to do something surprising for his birthday and EVERY year he finds out!!!!! Soooooooooooooo frustrating! This year, I got him. I started last Saturday putting my plans in motion and thankfully I was able to have the van during the day three days this week so that I could arrange things. I made a super yummy from scratch three layer German Chocolate cake and a White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake on an Oreo crust. I had to buy three round pans and a springform pan because all of mine are in storage. I also had to make many visits to the grocery store. Shopping with three kiddos solo mio is quite distracting!!! Then today, I went to the church to decorate for the party and got all the last minute stuff done. His birthday is actually tomorrow, but there is another party we are going to and its a good decoy. :) I got our friend and one of the pastor's at our church, Ricky to be the stalling tactic. He told Sam he needed his help to help someone move this evening and that he would pick him up at 6pm. The party was to start at 6:30, so I needed to be able to get to the church before him. As soon as he came to pick Sam up, I loaded the kids up and away we went. We got there and got everyone in just in time to turn out the lights before they walked in. In Sam walked and when the lights came on, we yelled surprise and the look on his face was priceless!!! We all had cake and visited and had such a good time. Thank you to Katrina, Andrew, Martin, Sarah and ESPECIALLY Ricky for all the help and making Sam's birthday so special! Here are some pics:

Ricky, Ailey Grace and Sarah
Sarah and Ailey Grace

Emmalee, Braden and Zekers playing with pool balls
Little Miss Emmalee
Katrina and Andrew
Birthday Man:)

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