Thursday, February 10, 2011


Well, I finally got the rest of the texture on the walls in the dining room. We are talking about taking out a wall and the breakfast bar in the kitchen to open it up, so one of the walls I textured is gonna stay unpainted for a while. I was going to paint yesterday, but it was snowing and then freezing cold the rest of the day, so until I can leave a couple of doors open for ventilation, its going to have to wait.

I had taken the curtains off of the front picture window in the living room and the back sliding doors in the dining room so I could finish texturing and boy did that make a huge difference in temperature!!! COLD!!! So, we took ourselves off to Lowe's to try and find something to hang up the bamboo poles Sam's parents brought me back in the summer that I had waiting to be used as curtain rods. I found something suitable and also had some chain links that I decided would do well as tie backs. I was very proud of myself for allowing holes to be drilled into the living room walls. That texturing process took a super long time and I have resisted putting any holes in the walls since the summer. Yay, me! ;p I still have to modify the curtains, but that will just have to wait its turn. Got some other projects I'm working on. I really need to start taking more before pics. I never think about it.

So, Ailey has been having some adventures in messiness and driving her parents crazy! This week so far she has spilled syrup on the carpet in the kitchen, (I know! Who puts carpet in the kitchen?!), taken the clothes out of her drawers and spread them around the house...several times, gotten into the refrigerator twice - once to get the sliced cheese, tear it up into little pieces and spread it all over the couch and the second time to get the eggs out and drop two in the doorway to the hallway and 5 in the doorway of the boys' room and last, but not least, to dump out the remaining milk in her cereal bowl, get the chocolate syrup that I left out on the cabinet, leave a trail in the dining room, "pour it into the bowl", put a good coating on the bottle, her clothes and hands and face and then leave a nice little puddle on the boys' room floor. Yay! She's also had issues with sleeping in her bed this week starting with me putting her back in her bed about 5 different times over the space of 2 hours after hearing her get up, go into the boys's room and finding her on the top bunk bed with her blankie in tow. Then, it was Sam's turn to put her to bed 3 more times after she got her clothes out and strewed them in various places in the house, including the living, dining and bath-rooms. The whole fiasco ended around 12:30 am. The next day, I put two of those child safety door knob doohickeys in strategic locations: one on the pantry door and one on the bathroom door, which also does double duty on the inside of Ailey's door at night. When I first put them on the doorknobs that morning and she couldn't get the doors open, she threw a hissy fit and I admit I had a good chuckle along the lines of "MMMmmmwwwhhhhahahahahahahaha! Yes, I did. :)

The boys are also in the mess making business, but not anything close to their sister. AND they get to clean up their own messes....for the most part. As much of a fan of cold weather as I am, I think I'm ready for it to warm up a bit and dry out. Having to keep the kids inside for this long is taking its toll! I wonder if the house or my sanity will survive? We shall see!

I am excited that Sam has gotten to work out in the garage in his "wood working shop". He and the boys have been manufacturing all sorts of things. I requested some decorative shelves and the next thing I knew, Viola! they appeared! Woohoo! I've put in an order for a few sets of floating shelves, too. If I don't get myself in gear and sand, putty and paint the shelves he's already made, I'm going to be wading through a pile of shelves before I know it! :)


Kristina said...

Lily and Ailey sound a lot alike. I think could really do some damage together!

DyessFam said...

haha! I'm sorry and glad for that all at the same time! ;p Yes, I think they could do some major damage together!