Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ailey and Brea's Birthday Party

We had a birthday party for the girls yesterday and had such a nice time.  I, of course, went a little nutty with all the preparations and I still have to learn about how to find a balance there, but I've come to the conclusion that I'd rather had slightly nutty prep time and very calm party time as opposed to the opposite. :)  Our fabulous home group family came as well as some of our fantastic homeschool co-op friends and it was a relaxing time of fellowship.  AAaaaah.  The girls got some fun gifts and the boys wanted to get their hands on their stuff as well.  So, all is normal. ;)  The only sad thing is that Brea started having a fever not too long after the party ended and is still fighting something off. :(  It should break soon and then lil' miss will be up to playing with her toys. :)

I, along with a few others took some pics to commemorate the occasion:

 Had to put some fruit skewers in there to offset all the icing.

Rainbow jello!  Yummy!

 Thank you, Kristen H. for letting me borrow your cupcake cake pan!

Made one cupcake cake for each of my girlies.

 MMMMmmmm....more sugar for the take home bags!

 I was going to do the different color koolaid in the bottles of water, but after thinking about how much sugar was already involved, I decided to leave well enough alone. ;p

R. on the hunt...
 We had an egg hunt.  They were filled with playdoh.  Playdoh and dirt and grass don't mix well.  Guess I better rethink that strategy. :)

 A. and K. helping round up the eggs.

I tried to light the candles, but the wind was uncooperative, so we just had to pretend.  We did sing happy birthday, though!

 L. and A. helping to assist in egg collection...

 Really wants a piece....


Money shot.

Miss Ali and her youngest (for now) O.

Miss Rosie.

Jim in smile mode!  I had to get on to him about letting me take his pic to get this shot. :)

Face full of cake.  Its what its all about.

Love these folks!

I think I caught Patrick in the middle of a yawn...but I could be mistaken.

Lovely ladies, Kristen and Lucy with little L.

This was taken after I handed my camera off, so I can't say who took some of these, but I can say Sean, Laury and Ali were all involved....

Rachel, Jason and David and some of their crews.  Between our three families, we have 11 children. :)

Really can't say what was going on here...

Little L.  Sweetness!

Cupcake.  A picture.

Hey sweet P.!

The Ler.

I think Zekey would live in a tree if he could.

R. in solemn mode.

Braden in normal camera ham mode.

T2.  He waited patiently for his cupcake.

This is true Braden.

New hair doodads!

Um, yeah.

Ohhh, weee.  Love that baby.

Um, yeah....again.

Didn't really want that on her head.

Hi, I'm a princess.

Baby doll collaboration.

She is so cute with stuffed animals.

This is a bow holder and Ailey wanted to wear it.  I would let her except for the lack of coverage and all. ;p

Happy Birthday Girls!


pigs74 said...

Great fun, food, friends and fellowship!

Nessa and Jeebs said...

love the huge cakes and how red Brea's hair is!!