Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Galveston: A trip, part 1

WARNING!  Picture overload!!

So, we went to Galveston on a whirlwind mini vacay.  It was faabulous dahling...  Actually, it was fun, but two things to know for next time.  We need a larger space to stay and we need to stay longer.  Having said that, here is the picture deluge:

 Our trip on the ferry...we saw dolphins twice and I got zero pics of them :/

 Our rendition of The Birds!  Aaaah...seriously, who knew you could have such fun with seagulls flying overhead threatening to drop poo bombs upon your head? ;p

I think the ferry was a highlight for the kids, for sure.

 We stayed on the far eastern part of the island at The East Islander.

 The deck walk that goes out to the beach.

 The kids are really fish in disguise.

 Brea and Ailey's footprints

Happy Zekes!
Well, hello Frida Kahlo!

 A wave cometh...

 Up and down the beach

 And I'm in some pics!

That's a whole lotta man, right there!

Part 2 coming soon...ish!

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