Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lots of Things to update about

Wow!  I have been so busy and while there have been plenty of things to write about, I just flat out haven't had the time!  Since this day has been designated a "catch-up and clean-up" day, I'm allotting some time to sit down and do this.  So for the sake of time, I'm gonna just jump right on in.

First, I have been in the process of organizing the kitchen.  I put dollar store baskets in the fridge and freezer to make sense of the complete chaos that was going on in there and it has been a blessing!  I found a different size basket when I went to the store to outfit my freezer and I am going to get more of that kind and switch them out.  I will try and do a post of pics to show all the stuff I've been doing, just in case it sparks piggy back ideas for anyone needing them. ;)  I also rearranged our pantry and it is much more user friendly!  The cabinets are slowly being uncluttered as well and its a beautiful thing.

Second, about three plus months ago, something clicked in me and I decided I was tired of being tired and physically weak.  Before kids, I was very self motivated about exercising, but since my pregnancies were so dramatic, that wasn't an option for me.  So for the last decade plus a bit, I've been in a complete different set of circumstances with my body.  With no pregnancies or breastfeeding on the horizon, it was just time for me to get my rear in gear.  Because I deal with plenty of joint issues throughout my body, I know better than to just go full speed ahead right away.  I finally cleaned out the garage enough around the area where the elliptical was serving as a catchall and started using it 6 days a week starting out at 5 minutes and working my way up to 25/30 mins each day over the course of about 4 weeks.  After each session, I started doing a pilates stretching routine which has been tremendously helpful keeping my muscles from getting too big, too fast and causing problems with my joints.  Its also good for joint decompression.  Win-win!

My initial goal in starting to build up my strength was not focusing on losing any weight.  As a matter of fact, I didn't change anything about how I was eating for about 2 months.  I just wanted to build muscle mass and strengthen my joints so that I would have better endurance and be more agile.  In doing that, though, I started losing inches.  I knew that would be a by-product of what I was doing, but I also didn't want to lose weight or inches too quickly.  I want the saggy-baggy, extra skin hanging around from pregnancies past to go back down, too and I've got to give my body time to accomplish that. ;)  So far, so good on that front.

Around a month ago, I felt like I needed to give my body a boost and wanted to start a clean eating and high protein regimen.  Plenty of the recipes I use are considered Paleo or Primal.  While I don't believe in the whole cave man philosophy, I do find the data about how the body digests or the trouble it has with digesting certain foods and the absorption of vitamins and minerals and balancing blood sugar levels so there are no highs and lows resulting in crashes, very compelling.  So far, without having done something along the lines of a Whole 30 stint, I have become aware that my body doesn't do well with regular potatoes in pretty much any form and wheat.  I was not happy about the wheat because I loves me some fiber and I have an unhealthy love obsession with bread. :/  I found that coconut flour is super duper high in fiber and doesn't have the gluten and blood sugar issues that wheat seems to have, so I honestly haven't really felt a loss.  As a result of eating this way, I have tons more energy and I feel so much better! An added bonus has been loss of poundage and more inches.  Again, win-win.  Yay!

Another fun side thing has been the accumulation of new work out gear.  It is very nice to have clothing that is made to sweat in and actually fits me!  I also recently got new running shoes since my last pair was nearly a decade old and part of the sole finally just fell off and a watch that has a timer and a heart rate monitor as well as some other nice features.  I am soooo amazed at how much lighter the new shoes are compared to my old ones!  Same brand + different technology = huge difference! They are for the purpose of training to run a 5k.  In all the years past when I was running, I never, EVER wanted to run any sort of race.  Traditionally, I have abhorred running.  I did it because I had to.  I much prefer fitness classes, machines and dancing.  I don't get the runner's high, I have a knee that is problematic with high impact activity and its just never been fun for me.  Recently, a friend proposed the idea of training for a 5k together and it was more of a let's-see-if-we-can-do-this sort of a thing.  I pondered it and was intrigued with the idea of whether I could do it or not.  It was yet another way I could tweak something.  (I have found as I get older that I have a knack for tweaking things - it can be in totally unrelated areas of interest, too. ;)  So, after I felt that I had built up sufficient strength in my legs and back, I started jogging.  I've been doing that for the past few weeks focusing mainly on my breathing and posture.  I got an 8-week training schedule from a site about running a 5k and have put myself on that schedule.  I hope to map out a good route soon so that I can start focusing more on distance as well as time.  I would like a pedometer at some point, but for now I'm good.  I'll just drive it and then run it. ;)  It looks like June or July will be 5k time and there are several to choose from in this area, so I'm actually looking forward to it.

Since this is already long, I'm gonna have to continue on in another post for tomorrow.

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Nessa and Jeebs said...

go on witcha bad self! I still don't like running. After about 3 miles I"m so over it. I do love being able to run without my boozies hitting me in the face though!! win win win hehhee