Thursday, October 8, 2009

Some recipes I'm MUST try!

This one caught my stomach over at Chickens in the Road:

Black-Bottom Pie - need I say more?! Oh, I do? Well, here's a picture from the blog that's worth a million-bazillion words, k?

See what I mean?

Then, there was this one:

Oh, man, total breakfast food!!!!

AND this one:

Spiced Cushaw Squash Pie - (Squash pie?! I know right, but then I saw the picture and she says its like pumpkin pie, which is a squash, duh!, only a bit sweeter...well, that totally got me! Here, let me show you the picture, too...) -

It got you, too, didn't it?

Here are some that snagged me over at Cooking with K:

Banana Pumpkin Bread "Brandy's Recipe" - your mouth is already watering, right? Well, let's take it to the next level: full-on salivation -

Yeah, I just want to eat it right from the screen...too, bad I'm about 5 hours away, Kay, or I'd totally show up on your doorstep pleading in a whiny, pitiful manner wanting some of this! Wait....Brandy is closer, right?! ;p

And then I saw this! Better than Cracker Barrel's Meatloaf "Brandy's Recipe" I keep looking for the perfect meatloaf and this looks like my kind of meatloaf, so I'm definitely going to try this and see....
Oh, yeah...gonna be dinner soon.

Now, I'm on the lookout for a superb carrot cake. Our neighbor just sent over MANY carrots, along with some apples.....hhhhmmmmm....what to do, what to do.....

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