Friday, April 9, 2010

The best dressed

Okay, you all know that I can't resist sharing a fabulous giveaway when I run across it. I was over at bloggiveaways again and saw this giveaway and knew that YOU would want to know about it, too. (Didn't know I could read your mind, did ya?;)

William Riera Dress Giveaway

William [Riera] began sketching clothing designs when he was only twelve years old in Caracas, Venezuela. He used to take his sketches to the family seamstress, who would sew his ideas. ... Although fashion design was his first love, after high school, William began studying Business Administration at Caracas College. ... [He] worked as an office boy at a company that manufactured clothing. With designs always sketching themselves in his mind, he showed some ideas to an employee at the company, who loved his designs. After the company had bought several of his designs, William realized that he needed to change majors. {text}

Now he designs modest, classic, and affordable dresses right here in Utah. You won't be seeing any cheezy cutesy dresses that you see in other Utah-based clothing companies - you'll be able to wear his dresses to church or out on a date and feel feminine and beautiful and never overdone. The fit of the dresses are also impeccable and flattering on any womanly figure.

One lucky winner will receive a dress in the reader's choice of dress and size!

Now that I have your semi-divided attention (I know you are having trouble taking your eyes off of the super lovely dress), you can click on ClothedMuch and read all the details. Oh, and just so you know, this is my favorite:

Heidi Dress by William RIera

Now SCOOT so you can get your entry in!!!

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