Thursday, April 8, 2010

On the fast track and a crazy dream

So, Ailey evidently wants to go ahead and get caught up on several developmental leaps all at the same time. I forgot to mention in the last post that she has been saying, "Ma-ma" for the last week and she means it. She is now branching out in her emphasis of it and the timing of when she uses it. As mentioned in the last post, she took her first step on Friday night and since yesterday she is full on walking. Her top two front teeth have now made their appearance together, the left one slightly in more of a hurry than the right. ;) She also followed directions yesterday of picking up some things off of the floor and putting them in the bucket. She has started saying, "There it is!", which sounds like, "Dere dis", "Thank you", which sounds like, "A-oo" and "Braden!!", which sounds like "Aa-an".

Zekey has been saying some pretty cute things, too. If you are pretending like you can't see him or you call him into the room, he'll hop up and say,"Its me! Here I am! Its Zekey!" If something is not working right and he needs help, he'll say, "Its too working." He's also started copying Braden a bit when he prays. He'll talk about having a good heart and blessing us. Its very sweet!

I'm very excited about some of the things that have been coming out of Braden's mouth lately. He has been talking a lot about giving God his heart and his whole self and loving Him by loving other people and being kind to them. He's really getting IT and it is blowing me away!

Okay, I had to tell about my dream early this morning. It started out with me frantically trying to string jewelry beads (I'm learning about making bead jewelry...apparently, I'm super focused on that right now. I've dreamt about getting a crochet project done before....yeah.) and then it moved to me waking up in the middle of the night and walking towards our kitchen. There was a deer in our house and I could see him clear as day even though all the lights were off. Then I was hearing this scurrying sound and I flipped on the light and there was this mess all over the floor, the trash was tipped over and the deer was there and that scurrying sound was roaches all over the floor. All of a sudden, I had a fly swat in my hand and I went to town on those little buggers! Next, I was running in to wake Sam up, telling him that there was a whole lot of craziness going on in the kitchen. Then, Sam woke me up bringing Ailey in to me because she was crying. I didn't even hear her! That's VERY odd for me. (She hasn't been feeling good because of those teeth.) Anyway, thought I'd share.

Oh, by the way, homemade pimento cheese spread on homemade bread is divine! 'Nuff said.

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Nessa and Jeebs said...

Amen about the pimento cheese- except I'm the only one that likes it so when I make it, I eat the whole dang thing by myself- and I don't need that :) It's funny because Ezra's teeth are doing the same thing- he's had his top 2 coming in for a while though- he got his teeth crazy fast, but the left is coming in faster than the right- just like Ailey- funny.