Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Update schmupdate!

I know I need to do another mon0lithic expose on the inner workings of the Dyess posse, BUT I'm only going to give a tiny tast of what is to come.....just don't say I didn't warn you when you click on this blog and you are immersed in an epic saga-like emotional roller coaster. I mean, you'll laugh, you'll'll move you, Bob! (Anyone who guesses what "movie" that is from gets two whole points.)

Now, for the shorty, but goodie news flash:

We are all doing well. Its super busy around here and we've all been up to lots of stuff, which is why it will need to be in another post. :) The main thing is Sam's back is getting better. He went in to the spine clinic and was told that surgery was the last and least likely option. He went back in on a later date and got a steroid shot, but Sam thinks it wasn't at the right nerve. The doctors said they might not have gotten the right one because there are several in the general area of the disc and it was basically a guessing game to get it right. Anyway, he then went in at an even later date to see a physical therapist. She gave him exercises to do and told him to stay away from a couple of no-nos and he's been doing those pretty consistently. Basically, the doctors said that he's doing very well and he's just pretty much having to recover from the chiropractic care he was having before finding out it was a ruptured disc. Now, just to clarify, we LOVE utilizing chiropractors! We have both received immense relief from them in the past. This just happened to be an issue that if not aware of, chiropractic adjustment of the sort he was receiving actually made the condition worse. He could start up again and with the info of the ruptured disc, have different adjustments and it would be fine. Okay, moving on....

So, that's basically all I have time for right now, but I will have lots of pictures and I will do a big post about the boys' robot party I'm into up to my arm pits. (great mental picture, right?;p) Oh, and I think I will start posting my Sunday school lessons on here from time to time because I get such great material and resources from other sites for FREE and I need not be stingy with my process! Okay, gotta get busy on my busy-ness again!

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