Monday, May 31, 2010

A very sticky situation

Currently in our dwelling area, there is an inordinately disproportionate population of flies to humans. I really do believe they hang out around our doors and when the kids go anywhere near the doors, they jump into action and swoop into our house. The kindest way I can put it is that they are not welcome in my house. In my opinion, if they enter into my abode, they have a death wish, with which I am happy to help them out using my handy dandy Pampered Chef Super Swat fly swatter:31t2gEY3+HL._SL160_.jpg
Well, the other day I got so stinkin' tired of all the flies buzzing around my head that I went to the store and got some fly tape
and a fly trap wand thingy.
I figured it couldn't hurt, right?

You would think so, but... I hung the wand up in a not-so-intelligently-thought-out place. It was above the back sliding glass door which has a curtain that gets closed across it at night. Yeah. For the first few days everything was fine. Not so Thursday morning. I opened the curtain and didn't see the wand fall down. Someone else found it, though. Anybody wanna guess who? Anyone?

Ailey. Yep. Ailey.

I found her with it or rather stuck in it. The sticky stuff was all over her hands, some on her mouth and a bit on her chest. I cannot express how grateful I am that it didn't make it to her hair! Whew!

In the process of getting her unstuck, I got a good bit on me. Hooray! At this point, my mind is racing trying to figure out what to do. I ran to the sink with both of us to douse our stickiness in dish soap. Didn't do a thang! Next!

Went and got the lava soap. It gets anything off skin, right! Nopers! Okay, moving on...

Went and got on the computer and googled something like - how to get fly tape sticky off of skin. I only got one result for that. Seriously? Seriously. This person had the same issue, only it got caught in her hair. So her solution was a baby wipe soaked in alcohol. I went and got the alcohol and proceeded to rub my hands like a crazy woman to see if it would work. No dice. Great, now what do I do?!

Right about then, I remembered that my mom got a piece of gum out of my hair with a lovely, wonderful substance found right in the kitchen when I was little. Anyone care to speculate what that was? Oh, alright:

That's right PEANUT BUTTER!!!

Off to the pantry I flew! Out came the peanut butter. In went my finger (can't be messing with spoons and such nonsense at this point!) I got a bit out and started rubbing it all over my hands. It was a bit like a face mask for my hands, if you will. Back to the sink for a soapy rinse and what was the result? Goo was GONE!!! George Washington Carver, I LOVE you!!!!

So, what have we learned from this caffafle (can't find out how to spell this word correctly!)?

1. Don't hang a fly trap wand anywhere near a curtain that will be opened and closed at all.
2. Even though we all know this, let's go over it again: Babies will always find the stickiest, nastiest, hardest to clean substance available to them at any given time and then want to put it in their mouth. Mmmm...
3. Peanut butter is a multi-purpose substance and should be present in your house at all times awaiting the immediate necessity of its creamy goodness.

Okay, that is the end of our lesson for today... Anybody want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? :)

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Mzzterry said...

my 1st thought was....toxic??
no?? i guess not.
you didn't seem concerned about that...then ewww flies nasteeeey. i hope none were on that thing before princess decided to chew on it!! yuck-o!! yep pb, without the j, is a great tip. i have this glue gun cleaner that does the same thing, it is just some kinda oil i think. i have found hand sanitizer works for a bunch of stuff also! i think it is the alcohol in it, it gets marker off, cleans the sink in a pinch too!

by the way flies are really bad here too. driving my dog crazy. she just keeps trying to catch them! its pretty fun to watch!

stay cool....