Thursday, May 5, 2011

Some things I've been up to....

I have been doing some crafty things, though more infrequently....  Some of this I have done since having Brea and some of it was before I had her...

I decided to paint this on the wall after trying hard to find a vinyl rendition for less than $40.

Mom gave me two yellow and one red paper lanters and I painted them orange.  They all have little light kits and will get turned into a single light fixture...some day.  For now they are hanging on the hook that used to hold the original light fixture for the dining room. :)

I am co-hosting a Sip and See for a friend from church and I made this bunting as part of the decor as well as a take home gift for the baby's room.

 This is a garland for the sip and see that I made after watching a tutorial on making a lamp shade using the same technique.  Still need to make another one.

I've had this lamp for a while.  (Its yet another donation from my mom.;p)  The lampshade that was on it originally didn't fit in with the way I'm slowly, but surely trying to make my living room look.  Mom said she had a lampshade she would trade with me.  Win-win!  She liked the one I had and I'm really liking this one!  It was plain white and so I needed to add some contrast to it.  Its just two sizes of brown ribbon and hot glue.  I had to add the pleats around the insides so it would lay down right.

These are my very unusual humming bird feeders that I inherited from my Aunt Kathy.  They have little test tube looking feeders on them.  I used a red marker and colored the outside of the tubes and wrapped those red flowers around the whole thing in the hopes of attracting some hummingbirds.  I did all that instead of buying two extra red feeders to hang on the hooks on the ends.  WAY less expensive this way!:)

These little bunnies were just plain wood cutouts that my mom gave me.  (Seriosly love it when she cleans out her stashes of stuff.  Its like home shopping network!)  I decided Ailey needed more bling.  Plus, I could do a little mod-podging.  ***Tangent - Mod Podge is stinky....okay - end Tangent*** I painted a couple of coats of acrylic paint on all three and then I mod podged some sparkly paper around the outside edges and cut outs of her initials out of the same paper on the fronts. Added eyes using paper punchouts of same paper.  I trimmed the edges of paper in paint.  They needed more sparkle so I got out my glitter glue and went over the painted trim.  I finished  off with some shiny ribbon around the necks and done!  (Did these while Brea was still incubating:)

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