Thursday, June 2, 2011

Closet Dividers

I finally decided that I needed to organize the kids' clothes, starting with the girls' stuff.  Well, that presented a problem because there are so many sizes in the closet between the two.  So, I decided I needed closet dividers.  After googling it, I found several different DIY versions like this, this, this and this.  It was really funny to me that many of the blogs I looked at made a comment about the dividers not really being necessary, but they wanted to make them anyway.  I have to beg to differ.  They are NECESSARY in this house fo' sho'!  I have been blessed with a TON of clothes recently for the girls and with only one closet for both...yeah.  The situation is the same for the boys, too!  So,  I could have bought the plastic rings and purdied them all up, but my cheap-self decided to go recycle bin diving instead.  I got some cardboard boxes and found a container lid that was exactly the size I needed and went to town drawing circles on the cardboard and then cutting them out.

After that, I cut out circles of scrapbook paper in complementary colors and modpodged them onto the cardboard cutouts.

 After they dried, I got my handy-dandy hole punch and put two holes in the top.
  I got ribbon scraps and made loops through the holes. 

  I then rummaged through my paper craft paraphernalia and found blank labels and slapped those bad boys on the front of the cutouts.  Oh, and I had to add some sparkly flower stickers I found in my stash.  Then, I wrote the sizes I needed on said labels and hung 'em up in the girls' closet.


The sad thing is that I still have two more bags to go through and hang up/find a place for MORE clothes!!  AAAAaaaaahhhh!!!!!

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