Friday, June 10, 2011

Rolled Flower Giveaway Take Two Winner!

After a grueling process of writing each of the numbers down on a sheet of paper, then cutting them up, then folding them into fourths and then putting them into an empty wipes box (hey, I use what I have available!), I had Braden pull a number out.  After telling Zekey that I did not need another number taken out and hearing his audible disappointment, I unfolded it to find the #5!

Congratulations to Kady!!!

I've sent an email to you.  Please contact me within the next 24 hours.  If I haven't heard from you by then, I'll draw from the box again.

Thank you, everyone, for entering the giveaway.  I'm glad to find some newcomers in the comments!  Welcome!  Of course, I'm always glad to see my girls who support my frequent whims on here!  Reina, those shoes are super cute!  You should take a pic and post them.  I think you would love them, too, Nessa, knowing your love of interesting shoes and all.  Yes, Nersa, I think you should do a giveaway!  I'll enter. :)  I need to check to make sure I'm a follower.  Don't know if I ever did that or not.  Kristina, I would send you one just for examination purposes, but you might find youtube just as helpful... ;)

I don't know if I'm going to do another giveaway next week yet or not....we'll see.  I may need to come up with something else to know, switch it up a bit.  I'll ponder on it over the weekend. :)

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