Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be my Valentine!

Sam and I had plans to go to the Valentine Banquet hosted by and benefitting our youth group at church.  On Monday, Braden woke up with a sore throat, but I thought it was just drainage.  Later that day, he had a fever, but I was still just observing.  He slept that night okay, but when he woke up this morning, his throat was worse and he was still feverish. :(  He was having a very hard time eating and drinking and I was thinking he might have strep, so I called the doctor, got an appointment and away we went.  My suspicions were correct and we got the necessary antibiotics, but we had a bit of a pickle.  We had already paid for the banquet and childcare.  So, Sam came up with a great idea!  He suggested I take Zekey as my date and he would stay home with Braden.  Ailey and Brea could still go into child care.  I was running around trying to get stuff for the bunnies and the prescription for Braden and decided to pick up Rudy's for Sam and Braden's Valentine's Day feast.  Couldn't let my guys go hungry on Valentine's!

I got back and purtied myself up.  Sam helped me get the kiddos ready and into the van.

There's my little Breaboops!

Here's Lerloo all gussied up, too!  I've been really loving her hair like this lately.  She has, too, for that matter. :)

Here is my handsome date!
I asked him what he was thinking about when we first started eating our salads and he pointed to the chocolate cheesecake sitting in front of him!  Haha!

After a very patient, but undoubtedly excruciatingly long wait, he finally got to dig into the chocolate yumminess....

He was very happy about it. :)

He sat all the way through the whole 2+ hours.  I think there was one other kiddo in the dining area, but we weren't close to her.  He ate all that focused attention up!  Everyone was talking with him and paying him compliments and he was loving every minute of it. I asked him two separate times if he wanted to go into the children's area and play, but both times he said he would rather stay in with me!  I loved spending this time with him. It was very special and this type of thing seems to be his main love language. :)  I'm thinking we may be doing more of this type of thing with each of the kids.  We go on mommy or daddy dates with the kids one on one to the store or running errands, but this is pretty unique.  I'm thinking Daddy needs to have a tea party with his Gracie!

We ended the night by rounding up the rest of the crew and heading home.  It was good all around.  The girls had a good time, Zekey and I had a good time and Sam and Braden had a good time.  This was a great Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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