Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Sam and I have been talking for some time about possibly getting bunnies.  We are very interested in their poo for our garden and we were thinking they would be good first pets for the kids.  Well, it came sooner than expected.  We found out there were some bunnies in need of a good home and so we took the plunge!  Our newest additions:

We borrowed a cage from our fantastic friend Sue D.  She also supplied us with that first batch of hay and the feeder.  Thanks so much, Sue!

We started discussing names and Braden immediately came up with Rosie and there were some other rather odd names, but we kept on brainstorming until we all agreed on two names.  The list we had was:

Lavern and Shirley
Kit and Kat
Peppermint and Patty
Peanut butter and Jelly (thanks James!)
ice and cream
nilla and wafer

Sam put in the following:

Thing 1 and Thing 2
Appetizer #1 & #2
PM 1 & 2 (poop machine)

We finally settled on Strawberry and Shortcake.

This is Strawberry (she's the oldest):

This is Shortcake:

They are so very sweet and fun and super soft!

I've already run amuck at Petsmart.  Sam was a trooper and went out the first night we got them to buy a water bottle.  It was the only kind at the store and it was a total flop.  The claim on the bottle was that it didn't leak.  Well, we filled it up and it immediately started leaking.  Yeah.  I gave it a chance, but to no avail.  After I had to fill it up twice within two hours and it leaked all over the floor by the morning, I was done and went to find another that evening.  The one we now have does not leak.  It has a water droplet that hangs out at the end of the tube after the bunnies have gotten a drink, but that's all.  Yay!

I, of course, had to google as much info as I could find about keeping bunnies as pets and I came across this lady on youtube.

She is a fountain of info and its neat that the kids can watch how they are supposed to handle and care for the rabbits.  After watching the one above about litter training a rabbit, I put that into action and it works!  Woohoo!  I also fixed a rabbit run so that the kiddos can have access to the bunnies throughout the day and the bunnies are not stuck in the cage.

Our next goal, which will hopefully be realized this weekend, is to build an outdoor rabbit hutch and play enclosure.  I have found these online and really like them:

Guinea Pig Hutch Designs

I like the first and the last the best because of the larger doors.  I want the kids to be able to get into the enclosure to play with them.  I would also like to put two wheels on one end to be able to roll it around the yard so the bunnies can partake of the green grass goodness for as long as it lasts. ;)

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