Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Granny's Surprise 80th Birthday Party and a visit with my mom...

This was in the morning before we went to help set up...they created a couch monster.  Do you see it?  The red pillows on top are the eyes and Braden and Zekey are in the mouth behind the teeth. :)

Setting up the party.  Aunt Scarlet on the left, then Uncle Gary and Aunt Vicki

Now we have my mom on the left, then Aunt Peggy, etc.

These were all the table settings.  I thought they came out very nice!

Great Uncle Glen who is married to Aunt Peggy

Great Aunt Peggy who is my Granny's youngest sister (of 13 total, if I am remembering correctly....)

The punch table

The cake table

The cake

Memory table A

Memory table B

A broader scope of things

My cousin Tyler and Brea

Broader view of the front of the room

Signing in to the party...I have the names of the people I didn't label below, but I will have to get up enough motivation to do all of that...someday.  ;)

My mom's cousin Paula

Great Uncle Calvin, Granny's brother

Great Uncle Beuford, Granny's brother

Paula's husband George

The Birthday Girl!  Granny.  She did NOT want to come in.  She was rather perturbed at being the center of attention.  She did end up enjoying herself, though. ;)

Great Uncle Morris, Granny's youngest brother and his wife

This is Michael, he's a cousin, somehow, but he shall be henceforth known as George because that's how he introduced himself to me trying to tease me....we shall see who gets the last laugh! ;)

Great Aunt Katherine, Uncle Calvin's wife

Aunt Scarlet, my mom's younger sister, her husband Uncle Stacey and their youngest daughter Tyler

Uncle Gary, my mom's younger brother and Aunt Peggy

Aunt Liz, my mom's older sister and her husband Uncle Rick

The party in full swing

Ailey made good use of her time in the sand box

Cousins!  I was really glad my brother and sis-in-love and my nephews got to come hang out with the fam.  Gabe, Braden and Luke

Ben and Jen

Plenty of people who I am related to, but do not know, except the two on the end in the foreground there. ;p

Granny and her great-granddaughter Tatum

Aunt Peggy and Ailey

My cousin Andrea (eldest daughter of Aunt Scarlet) and her oldest Maddux

Landrie, Andrea's youngest

Tatum, Andrea's second

Elijah, Ben and Jen's, he needs to stop growing!  I'm feeling rather old. ;)

Maddux, Zekes and Uncle Ben

Maddux, Andrea's oldest

Brea took a snoozy for about half the party.

Granny's take on how to sport the Turbie Twist...

Aunt Scarlet's crew minus Uncle Stacy who was prolly outside talking...Justin is there on the left and is Andrea's husband.

I found out the location of the kids' hideout.

Uncle Ben and Aunt Jenny love!

Since I was acting photographer, I snapped a shot of myself for proof of presence. :)

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