Friday, March 23, 2012

Since I'm tired today...

I guess I will do a post. :)  I have an update on the bunny situation.  Strawberry has calmed down quite a bit.  She doesn't feel the need to rearrange Shortcakes fur arrangement around the bum area now.  We also got a new hutch for them:

I like this one and they seem to as well.  Sam got a long length of cage wire and he made a big ring so the the bunnies have space to run around.  We put the table over the hutch like that so they would have shade from the sun as well as the rain until we can find a better solution.  We will probably end up framing out the run and building a lean-to of some know, in our sparest of time. ;p

I also managed to get into our garden beds to remove the plastic coverings and till up the soil.  


I was really glad for the rain because it made that job much easier.  I planted some of the seedlings I started in ziploc baggies the other day, too....right before we had torrential rains.  I should probably go out there and see if any of them survived.... :)  The stuff on the end there is parsley, oregano and rosemary.   All of which survived the winter with no attention or intentional watering on my part.   The string in grid form is for the purpose of square foot gardening.  It very much appeals to my, um, "style" of gardening, which is basically, sprout seeds, plant them, make sure they have a water source and then leave them alone.  Theoretically, the square foot method will cut down even more on weeding because it basically doesn't allow room for weeds to grow once the crops get going.  Works for me!  We'll see if it all turns out.

Here are some other random tidbits.  One day, this is how I found Brea after her mealtime.  

Yesterday, I heard Ailey fussing and then calling me for help.  When I looked out the door to see what was going on, this is what I found:

Yes, I did go and grab my camera in both instances before I intervened.  It was necessary!

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