Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Busy Bag Alooza!

I am involved in a busy bag swap and I am super excited!  I had the opportunity to be a part of one back in the winter, but I just couldn't get myself together enough to participate. :(  Now, I find myself NEEDING busy bags for my two middle kiddos.  NEEDING, I say!  So, I am going to put a list of as many busy bag ideas I can find on here.  Its gonna get all crazy up in here, so watch out!

#1 - Art bag - small notebook, short colored pencils or crayons and stickers.  Here is a good example.

#2 - I spy bag - no sew tutorial here, but I would just run a stitch along the inside edge of the zipper to make sure little fingers can't open it....or you can glue a ribbon over the zipper.

#3 - dry erase kit - example found here

#4 - popsicle stick puzzle

#5 - sensory balloons

#6 - felt faces

#7 - felt dress up dolls

#8 - button snake

#9 - pipe cleaner activity

#10 - felt monsters

#11 - #a lot:) - this blog has bunches of options!

Okay, maybe not so crazy up in here per se, but that last link is a doozy!  I just got tired of posting it myself.  Why do that when someone else has already done all the leg work?!  Well, should you choose to accept this mission....it should at least prove interesting! :)

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