Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Welcome to the Gun Show!

Its free admission and everything!

Lately Zekey has been showing his muscles and asking me if I can see how strong he is. I don't know where he got that from except that it may have to do with Braden "training" him in exercises. ;)  Anyway, when he does his little muscle pose, it cracks me up so much, that I just have to showcase it here.  I didn't have time last night, but I told Zekes to remind me today and we'd take pics and he did not forget. :)  So, we went out and had ourselves a little gun show photocumentary.

First up was all three olders workin' their muscle poses:

Then, Ailey went solo....

As you can see, she couldn't handle the tough face for long. ;p

Braden was up next:

This kid is cut!  He has been since he was 2.  No joke.  I just live vicariously through his 6-pack. :D

Now here's the boy-o that started it all.  His faces are priceless!  He's all serious about his posing, too:

Hope you enjoyed all the big guns!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Shirt Reconstruction and some blingy-blang!

I've been on Pinterest waaaaay too much lately.  I'm highly involved with wanting to makeover my wardrobe.  I've got some skirts and shirts that are on my hit list.  I've already turned a sweater into a skirt.  I found a shirt at Academy that I altered and then I had this shirt that a friend of mine gave me that was too big on me and totally not my style, but I love the fabric. The stripes have a shimmer.

 I came across this amazing blog: and saw this shirt recon:

Um, yes, please!  So, the blue shirt became this:

(I'm a wanna-be poser;)

I intend to tweak the sleeves a little more so that I have more range of motion.  I have several more reconstructions on my agenda,mostly from brassyapple's site, but there are a few more on my pinterest board awaiting my attention, too.  Love tweaking stuff that I already have!

I'm not one to hop onto fashion bandwagons usually, but I love me some shiny stuff and the jeweled jeans have caught my attention.  Now, anyone who knows me knows I will not spend money on something like that.  I will, however, trot on down to Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon and buy a case full of different sized acrylic gems and bling my jeans myself.  Yes, yes, I will.  (Me, trotting...funny visualization.:)

So, here they are:

(Pay no attention to the downward gravitational shift of my bum.)

I honestly don't think there is enough bling on them, so I intend to outline the entire pocket.  SHINY!

There was this shirt that I spray painted MOM to the 4th on and it didn't quite turn out as hoped, so I thought it could use some shiny, too.

I also put some gems on my shoes, but there was an incident involving me holding Brea and tripping over Ailey when she decided to swerve into my lane.  Some of them came off and I haven't fixed them yet.  

I have more bling sessions in mind, but for now I think I'll take a break before everything I come into contact with gets a shine enhancement. ;)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Angry Birds Birthday Party for the Boys!

The boys had a terrific birthday party.  We had such a good time fellowshipping with good friends and new friends!  Thank you Christina for the boys' cakes!  They were awesome, super yummy and very much admired! ~ Christina's Cakes by Design ~ Sam grilled hot dogs and they were super yummy, too!  We made little pom pom angry birds and pigs and then there was a flurry of activity involving the opening of presents and then the whacking of a pig pinata and then a slip and slide and my version of the Angry Birds game involving wipey boxes and crocheted Angry Birds a la my friend Reina. :)  I took a ton of pics and my friend Ali of AliRae photography thoughtfully brought her camera along and got a ton of pics, too.  I'm posting them all.  Just warnin' ya! ;)

Her are ones from MsAliRae:

 Yay!  I'm in a picture!