Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Welcome to the Gun Show!

Its free admission and everything!

Lately Zekey has been showing his muscles and asking me if I can see how strong he is. I don't know where he got that from except that it may have to do with Braden "training" him in exercises. ;)  Anyway, when he does his little muscle pose, it cracks me up so much, that I just have to showcase it here.  I didn't have time last night, but I told Zekes to remind me today and we'd take pics and he did not forget. :)  So, we went out and had ourselves a little gun show photocumentary.

First up was all three olders workin' their muscle poses:

Then, Ailey went solo....

As you can see, she couldn't handle the tough face for long. ;p

Braden was up next:

This kid is cut!  He has been since he was 2.  No joke.  I just live vicariously through his 6-pack. :D

Now here's the boy-o that started it all.  His faces are priceless!  He's all serious about his posing, too:

Hope you enjoyed all the big guns!


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Welcome to the Gun Show!
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