Sunday, March 29, 2009


I did not realize it has been more than a week since I posted!  My how time flies...  I don't have enough time to do one of my monolithic longish posts right now, but I will soon.  I have lots of things to talk about and lots of pics that need to go on here.  Here is a sneak peek of the topics I have doing loop-da-loops in my head:  breastfeeding, Could my future profession be a) lactation consultant b) doula c)  midwife? and I really do need to do an update on Ailey, Zekey and Braden, plus we just got back from a visit to East Texas (that would be why I haven't commented lately:) and I need to post about that trip and put up some pics.  There are more things, but Ailey Grace (that's what I'm calling her, Sam is calling her Gracie, Braden also calls her Ailey Grace, Zekey just calls her Baby and those that apparently have trouble pronouncing her name are calling her Grace or Gracie, as well. Yeah, seems that Ailey, pronounced long I-lee is difficult to say and the tendency is to say long A-lee instead. :), is sleeping and I need to go to sleep as well.


Nessa and Jeebs said...

okay- Ailey in the english language would be pronounce long A-lee - ya know like hail and mail and all those ai words that have a long A sound hehehehe j/k now I know it's ELLey? right? rhymes with SHELLY? hope your visit home was nice- my mamma can't decide when she wants to come because she doesn't want to be here very long. I told if she comes early like 37/38 week I'll undoubtedly go right up to my due date or over, but if she comes at like 39 I'll inevitably have the baby early :) Just wish I knew. I have so many freaking contractions- I'm so worn out with it- one more week until I'm 37 weeks and it'll be on like donkey kong!! I'm typing hotcho- what the heck?

Mzzterry said...

i.lee. i.ley.
Ailey Grace.
Gracie or just Baby. No matter what you call that sweet little one,
She is beautiful and I feel blessed to have been fortunate enough to get to hold her in my own arms this weekend!

Your family is wonderful and i had such a fun time meeting everyone. You can feel the real love in your family. I love your Sam, he is a keeper! You have the most adorable boys I have seen in a longtime. Thanks for thinking of me & allowing us to meet up with you guys.

I will get my photos up this afternoon!

queen of everything said...

i love the mispronunciation of names. glad the trip was good.