Friday, March 13, 2009


Zekey's thoughts on poo - The other day I was holding Ailey and was getting Braden and Zekey something to eat and she took the opportunity to push out a very noisy poo.  Zekey immediately responded with an "EEEeeeeew!" and continued to repeat it a few more times for good measure and we all had a good laugh.

Latest Bradenism - After giving Braden some medicine to help with all the junk he's got going on, he walked around the house and then came back and stated that the medicine wasn't working, it was just wobbling around inside him.

Diaper update - Well, all that hard work....I finally tried one of the cloth diapers on Zekey and it looked like he was in one of those speedos that isn't quite large enough.  Think large man in little speedo at the beach!  Okay, not quite that bad, but he's definitely too big for them. He wears a size 6 in disposables. He's just a big boy. We get comments all the time about how big he is for his age. :)  Braden gets the he's-tall-for-his-age comments, but he's lanky.  So, how about the diapers for Ailey? Well, let me give you a visual comparison.

I don't know if you can tell, but the bulk of the cloth diaper is quite a bit more than the disposable.
The cloth diaper is folded down to the newborn size.  If she was wearing the cloth diaper, she'd be doing the splits and have to stay that way.

Basically, the cloth diapers are a "bit" big on her at this time.  In all truth, so are the disposables.  She has such a little bottom.  Well, she's just little in general.  We have her in newborn clothes, but she swims in them.  She's too long for preemie, but the width is still big on her.  I will use those diapers eventually, but for now, we are going with the newborn disposables until she gets bigger.  I am using the flannel wipes for her.  What a difference those make!  She barely complains when I change her diaper because I just wet them down with warm water and its soothing for her.  Plus, they get all the yuck off without scouring her little bottom.  I haven't used them with Zekey yet because, frankly, he's got some massive nasty poos and I'm skeert!  I'll have to start our with the tee-tee diapers first and work up my courage.  I'll keep you posted on that adventure... 


Nessa and Jeebs said...

Tates was 6 lbs 5 oz as well and she swam in everything for so long. We did preemie clothes for a bit- of course it didn't help that she got way sick and lost down to 4 lbs and something. I'm glad yo' baby is doing so well. Tates didn't start fitting into her newborn stuff until about 3 months I think and then she just kept growing. good luck with the diapers- I'd be skeered to to wipe big boy poos with non-disposable wipes- yikes.

Jeff said...

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Pattylicious said...

Hey! I haven't been in the blog world in awhile so I decided to come over and get caught up.

Congrats on everything! I am so glad everything went well and is going well. She is sooooo pretty. I am way jealous of you, by the way. I never looked that good after just giving birth to any of my spawn. You look amazing!