Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Delayed,but still relevant...Duh It would help if I posted the pics!

Here are some things that I talked about in posts past, but didn't get a chance to follow up on until now.

Remember that lemon chess pie I wanted to try?  Yep, I made it.  I think I made it the day or two before my water broke.  Here it is in all its lemon splendor:

Even though the author of the recipe over at chickens in the road said it was super lemony, I do believe I would like it even more so.  I like a more tart lemon taste than sweet.  Don't get me wrong, the sugar factor has to be there, too, but I do like the tart to be a little more prominent.  That means I'm going to have to make it again (well, someone has to take one for the team!:) and this time do a little experimenting.... MMMMmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!  Yummy!  The things in the last two pics are my own invention.  They are kinda like a breakfast casserole mini muffin.  I put little hashbrown discs in the bottom of a greased mini-muffin pan, then poured some scrambled egg mixture over them (eggs with a tad of milk and salt and pepper and whisk it till its frothy), I put crumbled already cooked bacon in, then sprinkled some grated cheese over that and then I put little cutouts of some thawed biscuits (we get the frozen pillsbury biscuits and I thawed them out, then rolled them out a bit and got the donut hole part of my donut cutter and cut out little mini-biscuits) as the toppers.  I popped them in the oven at 375 for about 10-15 mins (Sorry, was winging it and don't remember exactly).  Just make sure the egg is cooked and the biscuit is golden brown and they are done.  They turned out really yummy, but I think that a spicy breakfast sausage would make it taste even better.  That's what I'm gonna try next time.  I'll let you know.

Another thing of note that she put on her blog is Quick Mix.  Its homemade Bisquick.  Yeah, after seeing the biscuits she made with it and then all the other stuff, like muffins and pancakes, etc. that you can make from it, I have decided to try it.  I'm also going to make it partly whole wheat and add in flax seed as well.  If you haven't mozied on over to her blog and checked out her recipes, I highly recommend you do so.  There's a whole lot of homemade yumminess going on over there!  Plus, she gives excellent recipes for making things yourself at home that would normally be an expensive buy at the grocery store.  There's more than just recipes, of course, but I'll let you get hooked on her blog all on your own.  I'm just providing the link. :)

Okay, I mentioned the Moby Wrap on  my post A few of the maternity/nursing things that I love.....  My sister, Sara, got it for me and Ailey Grace and let me tell you its absolutely wonderful!!!  It took me a couple of times putting it on and putting her in it to get the tightness just right, but after that its not big deal to get it on quickly.  The first time I put her in it, she was in there for about a minute and then she was sound asleep and stayed in there for quite a while.  I was even able to do the dishes while she was in it.  Right now I have her in it and she's sleeping while we rock in the rocking chair and I type this up.  Yeah, love this thing!  Oh, the other day while my mom was visiting, we went to Chic- Fil-A and then she and I later went to the mall to just walk around for a while and I had Ailey in the Wrap at both places.  Lots of people stared, but I think it was more because they were trying to figure out what it was.  Several people came up to me and said, "Is that a baby?!" and then just thought the wrap was so neat.  We were in the baby department at Sears and a pregnant lady asked me where I got it and of course I couldn't remember the exact website!  So frustrating!!  Then, we went into Motherhood Maternity and got asked the same question.  So, I've decided to keep some Mommy Business Cards with me for those type of occasions.  Some will have all my contact info on it and some will just have my name and blog address, so that I can refer people to what they ask me about.

On the same previous post, I talked about the My Brest Friend nursing pillow.  Yeah, I love it, too!  It MUCH sturdier than the Boppy and I like that it clips around me.  That way I can get up and walk around while she's still nursing if I want to.  Right now Ailey is small enough that I can nurse her sans pillow without my back or neck hurting, but the bigger she gets the more I'm going to be using that pillow!

One more thing that was on that post was the Breast Soothers.  Seriously, if you get engorged, I highly recommend them!  It does say on the package not to put them in the freezer, but I needed them colder and colder longer than what just the refrigerator provided.  The neat thing about them is that they have gel in them and don't freeze solid.  They are still pliable right out of the freezer, so the points of contact were enormously better than ice packs.  Plus, they are reusable and for me that's good since God may decide to give us more kiddos! :) I'm going to lend them to my sister Mollie and I'll let you know what her verdict is, so you have more than just my opinion.  You'll have to wait until June for that, though. 

So, I mentioned that my mom came this past weekend.  We had such a good time.  She actually stayed in the Best Western right down the street from us .  That worked out well because when she got tired, she just went back to her motel room to rest.  We've been blessed with being able to stay at Grandmommies' house when we go "home" for a visit.  We have it all to ourselves and its very much like staying in a private bed and breakfast.  When we need down time, we are able to go take naps or watch a movie or whatever and its just us in the house.  Soooo nice!  When we have a house, I would really like for the guest area to be as separated as possible from the rest of the house for those same reasons.  Visiting with family and friends is so much nicer when you aren't on the go the whole time and you are able to take some time for yourself if you need to.  Anyway, about my mom ;p  Over the years, she has been almost solely responsible for our kids having clothes to wear year round.  I'm not kidding.  If you wonder where I get my delight for bargain shopping, wonder no more!  It totally my mom's doing!  She almost has a sixth sense for bargain shopping.  Its amazing.  I have to admit, though, that she can out shop me any day.  I have never been able to keep up with her.  I usually end up copping a squat on a bench somewhere and just waiting for her.  I've even gone out to the car and taken a really good nap at times. Well, on this visit she brought a ton of clothes for Ailey.  She also brought some more for the boys.  Guess what, they were all bought on sale, too!  All I have to say is, "Thanks a ton, Mom!!!  You are amazing!"  She also had Braden spend the night with her at her motel room.  We went the next day to pick him up to go to church and of course he had had lots of fun.  The interesting thing was that Mom's room was ginormous!  It was on the bottom floor of what amounts to a tower of rooms with a stairwell between it and the rest of the buildings of the motel.  The room didn't have any other rooms on any side of it only above it.  It had a king size bed and the standard table, tv, fridge and all that.  It had a closet and vanity and bathroom at one end as well.  The leftover space in the room could have easily fit another king bed plus a twin or two.  It was seriously huge!  I'm going to have to keep in mind to ask the next place we stay if they have something like that, since we now have two beds we'll have to take with us on trips.

Well, I think that's enough yakking for one day.

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Nessa and Jeebs said...

you look so good it maketh me sick :) and your baby is so dang cute with her little head hanging out of your wrap. I have a friend that makes those wraps- maybe she'll make me one :) I'm so ready to have my baby- I keep looking at yo' baby's pics and thinking "okay, yes they do come out!" it helps me get through the day :)