Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Haircuts, oil change and a vacuum workout

The kids and I went today to get their hair cut. It was time. This was Ailey's first official cut. (I did trim her bangs a bit a month or two ago.) They all did a great job! Yay! No catastrophe this round. :)

Here are some captured moments:

After the haircuts, I decided to go ahead and go get the oil changed, too...since it was like, oh, 6000 miles overdue. Yeah. So, we went ahead with that. I must say that I really like the way the Valvoline place on Veteran's Memorial does it. We don't have to get out of our car at all. I even pay from the car. Nice.

Then, we came home and after lunch I couldn't stand the van being so gross anymore! I had already had the same issue with the kitchen carpet. So, my poor vacuum had quite a workout today. Ailey kept getting in the van with little pieces of leaves all over her socks (she just decides she doesn't want to wear her boots and she just takes them off wherever and I get to go on a scavenger hunt for them later...yay) and so when I was done wiping everything down, I had to vacuum AGAIN. Because the kids were out there "helping" me, I decided to go ahead and replace my windex and multi-purpose cleaners with vinegar and vinegar and water, respectively. I've been meaning to do that for a long while now, but just never got to it. Boy, that stuff works! I love vinegar, even though it makes my hands smell like old sweaty socks. :)

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mzzterry said...

oh my golly girl....those kids have grown soooo much!! you are gonna have to update those photos more often!! love the haircuts, especially hers! ;)