Thursday, December 2, 2010

Homemade raw milk ice cream! and a sour cream debacle...

Braden and I made raw milk ice cream last night. I was a little hesitant that it would turn out, but wanted to try it anyway. After looking up several recipes on-line and seeing that you were supposed to have double the amount of heavy cream for every cup of milk used, I had to cheat a wee bit and I bought some heavy cream at the store for filler. I just now have a decent way of skimming the milk, and it takes a bit to build up a good supply of cream, so yeah. Anyway, got it all mixed up and put it in the ice cream maker. I had been saving up ice for the last week so I had a few bags in the deep freeze. I really didn't need as much because the garage was already pretty cold, which helped immensely. Braden helped pour the ice and rock salt in and then sat watch for a while after he plugged it in. This was around 4:15-4:20 in the afternoon/evening. I was planning on it taking about 45 minutes. Well, at 4:45 I realized that Sam wasn't going to be home 'til later and I had a mid-wife appt. Oops! So, I got everyone packed up and away we went. The appt only lasted about 45 mins and we came home right as Sam arrived. I hurried inside to check on the ice cream and the maker had stopped, don't know for how long. Oops, again. :) So, I brought it inside to see what kind of ice cream we had. Sam did the honors of opening the lid and this is what met our eyes:

Isn't it pretty? The thickness of it is like the kind you by at the store and not typical of the more soupy consistency of our usual homemade ice cream. Oh, and we all had to taste test it and we all agreed that it is VERY gooooooood! Yummy! So, that was a success and I'm sure we will be keeping stocked up on ice cream from here on out.

Now, for the attempt at making my own sour cream. Yeah. It didn't quite work. I think I left it out too long. I left it out for 2 days instead of just one. I need to research it a bit more. The consistency was like it should have been, but the taste was NOT. I also read a blog that said that I could let the milk and cream sour together. So I did because you are supposed to be able to use clabbered milk interchangeably with buttermilk. Yeah, not going to do that again, either. Because the cream was off, I'm not going to use the milk, either. So, what a waste! I will skim the cream and experiment with just it the next time.

I still haven't tried to make butter, yet, but I felt that the ice cream was more important. I'm sure you can understand.:)

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