Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mid-wife Check up

Yesterday afternoon, I had a check in with my mid-wives.  I just love them!  I had had a trying afternoon and Sam came home and found me in tears.  Right now we are at a loss at to how to reach a certain little girl's heart and train her up the right way.  The Lord will show us. :)  My mom says that she sounds very much like me and how I responded to things at that age.  I know its all gonna be okay.  I am just tired and still preggers and not handling things as well as I could.  That's okay, too. :)

Anyway, I got to my mid-wives and they had me laughing within minutes of arriving and my visit was very fun and relaxing.  I got checked for the first time this whole 9-months.  I LOVE that there is no unnecessary "procedures" with them.  Love it!!!  Anyway, since I am at a week and 4 days past my due date that we came up with originally, we all decided a check would be good.  We would have an idea of what's going on in there to some extent to make sure that we aren't totally off on the timing.  We all agree that there's at least a week's leeway.  So, the findings were that I'm a stretchy 2 cm dilated and about 40-50% effaced.  I'm having the right kinds of contractions and have the right conditions for the birthing process to get going.  We are going to give me another week before doing anything to "help" the process along. ;)  I was encouraged to go and get a biophysical sonogram done to check fluid levels and make sure the placenta is still doing its job and to give my mid-wives a better idea of how things are in there.  So, I will be going today to the sonogram place to get that done and see what's what.

I also have to praise the Lord because I haven't been sleeping all that well and even though I still had to get up a few times last night because my bladder was making its last stands...., I got some really good rest and was able to sleep until 8 this morning sans my usual Zekey wake up call!  It was WONDERFUL!  Thank You, Lord!

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