Thursday, March 31, 2011

My husband is WONDERFUL!!!

Yesterday, Ailey was in stealth mode again and while we thought she was still napping, she was ransacking her room.  She got out of her clothes, got the majority of her clothes out of her drawers (for the second time that day) and got into the closet where I keep the kids' project bin.  She basically dumped the whole box out and then decided to pour out the glitter and open the paints.  She painted herself up really good and then painted her giant teddy bear, which is white and then dabbled a bit on her bean bag.

Sam is the one who went in to get her and when he called me to come look, I told him I really didn't want to.  She's been messing about with things for the last few days again, so my patience and attitude were already wearing thin. ;)  I mustered the courage to go look and just stared in awe.  I went in and started cleaning it up.  Now, during this process, Sam was trying to get ready to go because he had part of a class at church to teach and he was already running late.  He had already offered to take the boys with him, so I could have a bit of a break.  He was trying to get everyone fed, dressed and in the van, when this particular disaster struck.  He came back in to Ailey's room where I was cleaning up and I was in tears.  End of pregnancy + many days of over-the-top messes = me not coping well.  Anyway, he offered to take Miss Messy, too.  He decided a shower was the best way to clean her up, I put the cleaning on hold for a few minutes to get the kids and Sam to-go plates for their dinner so they could eat en route and before I knew it the house was quiet!  I went back to cleaning up the mess.  I'm just grateful that the glitter hadn't migrated around the room.  The mess was mostly in one area, Praise God!, and didn't require too much movement from me. :)  Anyway, I just started thanking my Daddy in Heaven for such a wonderful husband.  Sam is truly an amazing man and he continues to grow in that.  I am truly blessed!!!!

While he and the kiddos were gone, I got to go to Hobby Lobby all by myself.  I had two things on my list:  pom-poms and buttons.  I got there and remembered the pom-poms, but couldn't remember the buttons for anything!  They were having a sale on their candle paraphernalia and I got a couple of things to help encourage the asian-theme I'm trying to accomplish in the living room.  I'm keeping tags and all on them until I've decided if they will work or not.  It'll take a bit to determine....  I've decided to go back for the buttons.  They are necessary for a what I'm working on and it drives me nuts that my brain couldn't remember two little things!  Aahhhhh!  I will be taking my list with me this time.

Anyway, after that I got to take the longest shower I've had in, well.... its been awhile.  I wallowed in it!  Thank you, Sam!  I love you and you gave me the best possible gift!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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Nessa and Jeebs said...

it's prego brain- I have it bad. I called Page the other day and then put the phone on my lap and totally forgot I called him- ha! I'm going to the mental institution.