Sunday, December 4, 2011

Brea's much needed update

I have been woefully slacking on the Brea updates!  She started crawling and then basically took off!  A couple of days after starting the crawling process, she started sitting up by herself and pulled herself up to standing.  She is now in the process of trying to scoot along while still holding on.  I think she will be walking before the end of the year.

She's also finally got some teeth working their way up.  I can see them still under the gums.  Its the two bottom front teeth and they are coming in together.  She's rather fussy about it, but not too bad and she is great once you give her something cold to numb her gums down.

Once I started her on solids, well she can pack away some food!  She has gained over 2 pounds in less than two months.  She still nurses full on, too.  Its like her drink with her meal.  All I can say is wow!

She still has a very calm and pleasant disposition and LOVES her brothers and sister.  They really do love her, too.  Braden has gotten very good at feeding her.  Zekey is still perfecting his technique. ;)  Ailey just likes eating Brea's little snacks for her. :)

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