Friday, December 16, 2011

Snowflake pillows and Furry Fantasticness!

For some reason, a couple of days ago, I decided I would like to make some snowflake slipcovers for my throw pillows on my couch.  Yeah, like I needed another project.  Apparently, I like to dive into many challenges all at the same time and make myself a little nutty!  I turned to my trusty google search and found a very cute pillow and a tutorial by means of another tutorial on TipJunkie.  These are the pillows from her site:
Snowflake Pillows {Free Pattern}

So cute, right???  So, I printed out the snowflake pattern with the intention of beginning it very shortly, when I came across these stockings by rikrak on etsy in my google wanderings.  It gave me an idea. :)  I decided I liked those snowflakes, but for my pillow covers.  I made a pattern and got to work.  I had a good amount of red sparkly felt and a natural cream felt, thanks to a recent shopping spree at my mom's house. ;)  I must take a moment and pause to say that I really appreciate having a rotary cutter!  Anyway, here are the pillows I made:

I am really loving how they turned out!  The kids really like them, too.

Also, you see that wonderfully fuzzy, fluffy, makes-you-want-to-wallow-in-it blanket?  That was a belated birthday present from Sam.  It is the softest most comfy blanket I have ever come into contact was love at first feel. :)

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Love at first feel eh? Your poor pillow case hehehehe yes I did oh yes I