Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Clap your hands everybody...

I dare say it is time again for another Brea update.  Within the last week or two (cuz I'm really good at this concept of time thing;), Brea started clapping her hands.  We didn't pointedly work with her on it, so I think she got it from the worship time at church and the worship videos from youtube. :)  Also, within that time frame she has started giving kisses.  She kinda smacks her lips together to let you know she wants one.  Its very cute.  She's also walking around like a pro now.  She is able to go outside and get filthy with her brothers and sister now.  I wash nearly as much dirt off of her at bath time as the other kiddos.  yummy. :/  She has also been jabbering away as if she is speaking whole sentences and then she'll look at me with questioning eyes waiting for a response.  When she wants some object or more food, she will end her "sentence" on an up tone like she's asking a question and hold her hand out towards whatever it is she is wanting.  So stinkin' cute.  She will also be in another room and I will call her and she'll answer back with a questioning tone and if she is able she will come toddling in to see what I want.  Oh, the cuteness and endearment abound with this little stinker pot! :)  One more thing...I think she is going to be more into babies than Lerloo.  Maybe.  We'll see.

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