Sunday, May 20, 2012

Creation Appreciation Sunday

We decided to go to Colorado State Bend Non-denominational Church yesterday. ;)  It was LOVELY.  We were relaxed the whole time.  We took our time getting packed and ready to go, driving and enjoying ourselves there.  We loved every minute of it and had a good drive home.  We enjoyed our time with each other, the Lord and His creation.  Yay!  Of course, I took a ton of pics:

 Zekey discovered a vine they could swing from...

 Brea didn't see anything wrong with rescuing a hot dog off of the ground and then devouring it.

 Ailey had to have a turn on the vine and sported an almost plumber's crack in the process, ;p

 Brea in one of the cutest swimsuits ever!

 Trying to tame the plumber's crack!

 Sam at his post roastin' wieners.

 That's a studly man right there!

 Exploration time

 Had to ford the river to get where we were going....the wagon floats!  Who knew?

 Brea stuck with me....

 more exploration..

 Boys at out!

 Ler wasn't too keen on the rocks.  They kept shifting under her feet making it difficult for her to maneuver...

 Hoh yeah!

 Rocks are fun.

 Here I am! :D

 What is it with boys and the need to throw really big rocks?!

 Voyage of the afternoon treaders.

 Brea decided she needed to be in my lap.

 See my rock?

 My posse rejoined me...

 While I was sitting there...these juvenile fish, prolly trout or some such, kept coming up and nipping at my, ahem, rather longish leg hairs.  Very interesting sensation. :/

 Braden was pretending to be battling the current... ;)

 The trek back to the van was a bit chilly...bbbrrrrrr!

The girls caught a ride with Daddy. :)

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