Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Play Kitchen - Stage 1

After months and months of pondering and ideas and pinterest and google research, I've finally decided to go ahead with project play kitchen.  It'll be in stages, of course.  Stage one was putting a fabric skirt around this little end table that I picked up from the side of the road next to someone's trash can a long while back.  Its been hanging out in the girls' room waiting for me to make up my mind as to how I wanted to use it.  At first, I had grand ideas of sanding and painting it, but in the interest of it actually ever getting done and being used before my kids get too old for it, I decided it is just fine the way it is.  The kids won't care, that's for sure!   I really can't believe someone was getting rid of this cute little table, but I'm glad they did! ;)

The fabric is a super long valance that came with the crib bedding set I bought a long while back.  It was hanging out in a drawer until I had inspiration this morning and thought of it for the skirt part.  Fits perfectly!  Yay!  I would have wrapped the skirt around the outside, but I like the structure of the legs and like it better this way.  Plus, it gives me wood to use for attaching other objects later. :)

Stage 2 - will include locating a bathroom sink faucet with a long neck for free or on the way cheap, something for the sink bowl, some burner knobs, something I can turn into burners and a towel and pot holder rack.  Possibly something for a shelf and rack for a backsplash of sorts, too...we'll see.

Stage 3 - will beputting it all together.

Until stage 2 and 3 are complete, at least the skirt will hide the growing amounts of pots, pans, dishes and food and will, no doubt, double as an oven.  A teddy bear has already been cooked in the oven. ;p

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