Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cool Stuff! and prayer needed

Well, we have had a wonderful blessing bestowed upon us.  Sam's Aunt and Uncle who have a house here in Phoenix have asked us to come live in their house.  They have a vacation home which they are currently in for the summer and only come to this house in Phoenix to check on things and if they need to do something here.  They have a guest area and we are loving it.  The house itself is just beautiful.  There is a really big back yard with a playground and lots of shade.  What a difference from the rv park!!  Anyway, I'm still sick most of the day, but am able to do way more so far this pregnancy than the last one.  I have been able to keep all my food down, PRAISE GOD!!!  I'm still just being patient and waiting on the Lord.  Its so much nicer to be here than in our rv at this point and we're very grateful.  Also, we had a bit of a mini-reunion with family that we haven't seen for about 6 years.  So cool.  I'm really excited about this turn of events.  I'll keep everyone posted.

Okay, I have a prayer request.  I just found out that a very dear friend of mine just lost her baby.  I'm not going to give more details than that.  Please keep her and her husband in your prayers.  Those of you who know what it is like to have a miscarriage, I'm asking for your prayers in particular because you'll know more specifically what to pray for/about.


queen of everything said...

i will keep them in my prayers. having been through it i can empathize with all the emotions they are having. let them know.

Melissa said...

Prayers will be said for them. Prayers for you too! I pray that the nausea subsides and you have a glorious, full term pregnancy with NO complications! *Supernatural childbirth by Jackie Mize is a GREAT book to read* **Hugs to you all!**

a nickel for out thoughts said...

Thanks so much for the prayers! Shelly- congratulations!! I'm so excited for you and I hope all goes wonderfully well!! Yeah this is Vanersa- I made a new blog on blogspot so it changed my sign in name thing- anyway congrats!