Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I thought I'd give you all an update. I've really appreciated all of your emails. The past few days were really rough, so I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you until now. Last Friday was especially troublesome. The night before, I started feeling really bad and after trying to go to sleep and my stomach hurting, I finally threw up. After that I had some really crazy nervous energy and I didn't actually fall asleep until about 3 am after which I got up for the day at 6 am. Then I threw up again. Yeah, it got me in a panic. I hadn't gotten an appointment for a doctor yet because I was just intending to take it easy and find one I really liked in my own time. Well, yesterday morning I was thinking I needed to go to the emergency room. I called my family and made prayer requests and Sam came to get me. He wanted me to try to get an appointment with a doctor because he didn't want me waiting around an emergency room all day. I also called on some friends of Sam's aunt and uncle that live very close by and asked them if they would come watch the boys while we went to the doctor. I had met their son, one of their daughters and the father and all I can say is I knew they were a neat family. The mother and second oldest daughter came over and the mother Michelle immediately prayed over me! I'm telling you God totally provides! Anyway, I looked in the yellow pages and found a very interesting birthing place. They have two ob/gyns, several nurse midwives, several nurse practitioners and I think a doctor of obstetrics. Anyway, they used to operate the only birthing center in Arizona, but they had to shut it down. They now deliver exclusively out of a hospital very close to their offices. I was really thinking home birth this time, but was also very open to a birthing center experience. The main thing I want is to do it the way I want and not be pressured into anything. So anyway, my doctor is just fabulous. Totally open to whatever I want to do. For the first 20 mins he just sat and talked with Sam and I and stated that he really just wanted to get to know us. So cool. He then did the exam and though we don't know for sure how far along I am, we do know I'm not yet 10 wks. (I should be about there now, however;) We couldn't hear the heart beat yet. He also decided to get out their little sonogram machine and take a look-see. Yep, we got to see our precious little one just hanging out. We saw the baby's hand sticking up and the really cool thing was that the baby looked like a baby and not a jelly bean this time.:) Anyway, after that, the doctor addressed my nausea issues and gave me a prescription for Zofran. We discussed it and after telling him that I didn't want to be on it for any longer than I had to and that I wanted to take the lowest dose possible, he was all for that and told me that he would just prescribe the lowest dose available and then I could cut it in half. He also told me to eat every hour, which I think has also made a difference. We also talked more about the hospital where they do the deliveries and I am very impressed to say the least. He said that since they do the majority of births at this hospital, the hospital really caters to them and will allow lots of things. He said they have jacuzzi tubs and while they don't allow water births:( , they do allow you to labor in water. I also said I didn't want to be flat on my back delivering and he said that was fine with him. I can bring whatever birthing tools I want. He said that he has even gotten down on the floor on his back to deliver a baby before. So, there's a whopping WOO-HOO from me. The only thing now is are we going to be here that long? Well, that's in God's hands. The other great thing is that they take our insurance!!! I may or may not get the VA involved this time. Its really a big hassle and there's a real possibility that the VA wouldn't allow me to use this clinic and as far as I'm concerned, this is the place for us. :D So, there we are. When we got back Braden and Zekey were having such a good time. They had made all kinds of projects and there were stickers all over the place and colors and just lots of fun stuff. Michelle and her daughter Leanne (hope I spelled that right...) stayed until mid-afternoon just hanging out with us and still helping to watch the boys. Sam and I got to have a really great discussion with Michelle and we got such peace out of that day even though it started out roughly. I was also able to lay down and take a nap! I don't know how I'm going to thank them, but I will!!! :D

Okay, so on to other things. So, we are going to be getting back into our motor home this weekend and I'm really glad we'll be back home! Its been very difficult trying to maintain order in such a large house when I am not able at this time to do a whole lot. Anyway, we were able to get several things done on the motor home that we hadn't been able to do previously, so YAY!

Mostly everything has been slow going so far, which I'm really grateful for because that is the only pace I move at these days. I have thrown up again since the first incident above, but it all worked out and the medicine is there when I need it and I don't take it when i don't need it. I have another appointment on the 9th, so maybe I'll know more details then. Well, gotta go eat, yet again!


Nessa and Jeebs said...

Man, I'm sorry you've been sick- I will post pictures of my shoes to give you something interesting to look at :) sounds like you found a dang good doctor- I'm excited for you!! OK- I'm going to go take pictures of my shoes hehehehe- I gots problems!

Juliet said...

How awesome you found a great doc!! I'm so sorry you've been sick :( I'll be praying that goes away soon! Keep us posted!