Saturday, July 12, 2008

Update on our move and

Sorry, it has been a while since I gave an update, but things have been...interesting.  We made it out to Arizona just fine.  We did get to see Uncle Jim and Aunt Dianne in Lubbock, TX.  It was only one night, but we loved being able to see them and hang out with them for even a short amount of time.  Uncle Jim married us nearly 8 years ago...twice.  When we got to their house Aunt Dianne was still at work.  (She's having to work 12's right now...yuck!)  Anyway, he had lots of goodies for the boys. Seriously, it was like their birthday all over again.  Braden loved his surprises and Zekey was just running around excited about all of the room...hehehe.  One of the neat things about Uncle Jim and Aunt Dianne is they keep 3 box turtles in their backyard with their dog.  They will seriously follow you around expecting a treat!  That's just so cool.  Braden got to touch one and he just really did a great job being careful and gentle.

Well, after we said goodbye, the next day we headed out to Carlsbad Caverns.  That was really fun and exhausting!  We did take pics, but had to do it with 35 mm so I'll have to have them transferred to disk before I can post them and that might be a while, but they will eventually show up.  Braden was kinda freakin' out when we first headed down into the mouth of the cave, but after I put him on my back for a bit, he wanted down and he walked the entire thing himself after that.  Yay, Braden!  Its so neat to see your child conquer a fear and then really enjoy himself!  Zekey mostly rode on his Daddy's shoulders, but we did take turns carrying him.  He wound up getting a bit chilled even though we brought a blanket. It was 57 degrees in there!  That was so nice!!  Anyway, I don't remember how long it took us to get through the whole thing, but let me assure you, when we were done, we took the elevators back up!

After that adventure, we went to Las Cruces and stayed in the Sam's parking lot there.  Quite a storm picked up right after we got there and we discovered that there are several things we need to get fixed on our rig.  Yeah, fun.  Anyway, we made it to Tucson the next day and took refuge at Billy Gene and Patsy's house.  They are Sam's cousins and we were able to stay with them for two days.  Braden took to calling Patsy, Pantsy.  So funny!  She thinks so too.  This couple is just so cool.  They are great fun and so generous and loving!  They have a pool and before we left, Billy Gene had Braden jumping off of the diving board and swimming the whole length of the poolwith the aid of arm floaties.  Woohoo!  He's been wanting to get back in a pool ever since.  Patsy also took him on a cactus walk.  I've never seen so many different kinds of cacti before, but that is what their garden mostly consists of.  Its amazingly beautiful!  Anyway, Braden was just loving it!  Poor Zekey happened to have a rash cover his whole body by the time we made it there.  The doctor said it was probably from when he got his MMR shot.  All I have to say is, YIKES!  It did go away after a few days and it didn't seem to bother him at all the whole time, so....hmmmm.  Zekey also enjoyed the pool quite a bit.  He enjoyed being shoved gently off of the diving board.:)  I really think that's why Braden ended up jumping off. ;)  Well, of course, Braden had a hard time leaving and still constantly talks about going and visiting them.  We will get to go back, but it will be a bit.

So, then, we made it to Tempe, which if you look on the map, looks like Phoenix swallowed it up.  Let's just say, for me, this place leaves much to be desired.  ITS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sam seems to be just fine, but I don't do well in heat.  Never have.  When we got here I already wasn't feeling too well and then the heat on top of it.  Yeah, not a good combo.  That's when Sam and I both came to the conclusion that I'm pregnant.   Lots of lovely signs pointing to the fact long before I took the test.    We did have confirmation a couple of days ago, however, and our thoughts were proved!  Yep, we're having another little person join our family!!!  We are really excited!!  The nausea does fight for my attention at this point, but I'm not going to let that take priority this time!  I'm thinking that by the symptoms I'm around 7 weeks at this point.  I can't go by the monthly visitor because I've only had two since Zekers was born.  Yep and not in a row either.  Its been about 3 months since the last one, so I'm probably gonna have to get a sonogram to tell for sure.  So far, I have been pretty nauseated, but PRAISE THE LORD!!!! I haven't thrown up!  Yay, yay, yay!!!  I'm still able to eat, though many foods still cause a lovely gagging reflex.  I've also had to be in bed quite a bit the last week.  Normally, I would be upset about having to change my normal routine, but I'm just so relieved that there is no throwing up that I don't really care!  I'm also believing that this won't last long and I'll be back up and around before I know it.  I have appealed to many people for prayer and support and I am sooooooo blessed!  I know God will honor His children's pleas!  What an awesome Father we have!!!  I've also been having the best experience of rejoicing and praising Him in the midst of trouble.  I truly have so much to be thankful for!  If anyone else would like to raise up a prayer on our behalf, we will gladly accept it with open arms.  There are a few things we could use prayer about.  The heat - Braden really can't be outside during the day cuz its really just that hot here. I certainly can't right now.  A solution to this problem would be nice.  A healthly baby.  A great pregnancy - I don't want to just squeak by this time.  I want to be a testament to what God can really do in someone when they have faith and trust Him completely!  Sam - he's working longer hours here.  I just don't want him to get exhausted.  Pray for renewal of his mind, body and spirit.  Our boys - I really want to be able to get them involved in a playgroup or something.

Well, that's really all for now.  I'm gonna go lay back down now.  I'll try to blog when I'm feeling up to it and have time.


kjames106 said...

Congrats girly! I knew this post was coming soon. I pray the morning sickness stays away or at least in check in the name of Jesus!

Michawn said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! How exciting!!

And's REALLY hot out there, huh? Like crawling on up in an oven. Is there any shade where you are...I know it's desert and rare, but do you have them where you are? Maybe Braden could just have some major pool the whole day. :) Didn't y'all recently get a little pool? If no shade, they do make the pools that have tops on them...we got one at a Fry's out there once for like $10 or was nice too (we still have it). Or maybe you can just rig something up. I don't know...but, I'm guessing that some water sports would be the only way to get him out...and only if in the shade then. So, yeah...not much help with suggestions, huh? :) It's hard out there during the summer and during the day.

queen of everything said...

many congrats. what awesome news.

Melissa said...

We lived in El Paso for 3 years and GAH..the summers...harsh! Congratulations on your new baby!!! God Bless you guys!