Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Things that make you go...hhhhmmmmm

Sorry, I haven't blogged in a while, but I've been busy with a whole lot of nothingness.  Mostly, I've been picking up after two very messy kids and trying to keep someone else's house from looking like a disaster area!  Its really not fun when all your body keeps trying to do is gag.;p  

Yeah, so yesterday Sam went out to put up the resident chickens here and out of 7, 4 hens and the rooster were dead.  Apparently there is a brazen band of coyotes here that strikes during the day.  I was here all day along with several other people who were in and out and none of us heard a thing!  My experience with coyotes is that they strike at night when they can be sneaky.  Anyway, I felt really bad about the chickens.  The remaining two were super freaked out.  The interesting thing is that out of the five that were killed, only the rooster was eaten on.  The others were just killed.  I'm thinking that these are some very stupid coyotes!

So then this morning I woke up with a super mega neck cramp!  AAAAaaaahhhh!  Just call me Mrs. Robot for the next few days.  Good grief.:)  Obviously, I'm not being kind to my neck while I sleep.  Oh, well.

Anyway, the boys are doing well.  They are the masters of making huge messes, so that's always fun.  Last night, I came into the bathroom and it was wet all around the toilet.  I called Braden in there and asked him if he did it.  He said yes and I asked him why.  He said he couldn't get the potty seat up, so he just decided to go all over the floor.  WHAT?!?!  I think my child has taken a crazy pill!  Zekey has just taken to getting into everything.  I'm beginning to think the reason I haven't thrown up is because I don't have time to!  They are both still really funny and so much fun to watch.  Everyday Braden comes up with something new and funny to say.  Zekey tries to do everything that Braden does and when you ask him a question he nods his head.  He's actually selective about it too.  Sometimes, I just know he knows what we're talking about and he's answering accordingly.  He is communicating in other ways, too, which is cool.

Okay, so far that's all I've got.  More later as things progress.

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Nessa and Jeebs said...

I really HATE Yo Gabba Gabba- or Yo dabba dabba as Cagey calls it. That show just makes me mad for some reason. And yes, I really do want their pool- I'm dying of heat stroke!!! Keep chewing back the vomit- once you start it's just all downhill from there.