Thursday, January 8, 2009

*** Updated - A few of the maternity/nursing things that I love or at least found interesting

Here is a compiled list of maternity/nursing products and sites that I have found interesting/cost effective so far.  Several of the sites listed also carry other products so don't forget to browse.:)

1.  My brest friend nursing pillow: 
walmart online - $48.98 if you do site to store because of the no shipping
The doula shop - $39.88 + shipping - deluxe pillow; the cheapest with shipping
Got Breast - $41.79!!! free shipping - deluxe pillow.  She also has an ebay store.  If you sign up for her online magazine, she will send you an extra 5% off coupon to enter at checkout!  yay!

2.  Cover-Me strap - converts any  baby blanket into a nursing cover-up -$11.88 + $3.99 shipping

3.  Be-Bella Nursing/Belly tubes - 3 pack for $21.95 +$5.95 shipping  - you pick colors; keeps belly covered while being able to nurse using regular shirts

4.  Breast Soothers thermal gel pads - cold for engorgement/warm for blocked ducts and mastitis - $15.00 + $5.95 shipping - $15.99 + shipping unless you purchase $30.00 or more, then no shipping fee.

5. - nursing bras for all sizes and free shipping on them!

7. Milk shirt - black or white nursing undershirt that can be worn under any regular shirt. $19.99 +$4.00 shipping

8.  Feme Pad - relieves post-partum soreness - $20.00 for 2 pack + 10 gauze covers + shipping unless you have a $30.00+ order.

9.  Moby Wrap - $38.88 with free shipping

10.  Promise Stages Prenatal Vitamins - formulated for each stage of pregnancy - $13.98/mo and up depending on the quantity you order and if you want to add the DHA supplements

11. - Super wonderful nursing shirts that can also be worn during pregnancy; also have pjs, dresses, bras and other accessories.  Look for their clearance sales.  You can also sign up to receive emails with coupons or free shipping deals.

12.  Cloth Diapers - not the kind you have to fold.  These look and act like the disposable kind, but are reusable.  I'm listing several sites as each has their pros and cons for pricing.
bumgenius - baby colors in solids; lots of sites carry these; this is the main site for info.
urban fluff - very cool colors; microfleece
Good Mama - printed fitteds; organic bamboo velour
Banana Peels Diapers - has a nice selection of different brands, including bum genius, urban fluff, fuzzi buns... This site seems to have really good pricing out of all the others I've researched and they have free shipping on orders over $50.00. (If anyone knows of sites that have better discount pricing feel free to leave a comment about it and I'll update this list.)
My used - this is a used diaper auction site 
 Kaylas Cloth - this is a very cool cloth diaper site.  She will sell you a kit to make your own one-size or sized diaper, with or without a pocket.  Or you can have her make them for you.  She has a video that shows how hers work.  They are very innovative!  Also, she sells them for less on ebay auctions.  The one-size diaper kit which includes fabrics, notions and pattern is $24.00 including shipping.  It will make 3 diapers.

13. - breastfeeding and parenting tips and info.

14. - if  you are throwing up and can't keep anything down, check this site out and tell  your doctor about this! There are a few meds that can make all the difference.

15.  This is a recipe for nipple cream that I was given by a lactation consultant and let me tell you, it is fantastic!!!---Mix together equal parts triple antibiotic cream, hydrocortisone cream and lotrimin cream (its in a little tube at the store).  Apply it directly to the nipple and leave on.  There should be a noticeable difference in 2-3 applications.  It is safe for baby because it is non-digestible.  The lotrimin takes care of any fungal infection, the hydrocortisone cream helps with redness, swelling, chapping and pain and the triple antibiotic cream takes care of any bacterial agents.  Triple whammy - one cream!  I applied it after each feeding for a couple days until my nipples became used to nursing and it was such a relief and much better than the lanolin stuff because it isn't sticky and isn't painful to apply.  BTW - I just stored the excess that I mixed in a little pyrex dish with a lid at room temp.  I also didn't mix very much at a time because you'll end up only using it for a few days, if that much.

16.  Breast milk boosters - help increase your breast milk supply - goat's rue $24.95/60 count, more milk plus $$22.79/60 count, more milk plus $41.95/120 count (I haven't taken either of these, but if I end up having to take a supplement this time as well, I'm going to try the more milk plus.) - fenugreek seed $1.99/100 count and blessed thistle $4.49/90 count (there are other brands for a little more money.)

17.  Laundry Detergent for cloth diapers - After researching cloth diapers, all of the sites say to use a detergent that doesn't leave any residue among other things. While perusing all of the recommended brands, there were four that kept jumping out at me. (Originally I said three, I forgot about Allens, but it is now added.)
Allens Naturally Laundry Detergent - Jillian's Drawers has 1qt/1gal/5lb powder available, shipping is based on cost of product and baby cotton bottoms has the same, but shipping is flat rate - this has rave reviews, too and last a very long time.
Country Save - this brand is available on for a VERY good deal: A case of 4 - 10 lb. boxes for $50.75 and free shipping!  If you think that sounds like a lot, here's the skinny - each box is 80 loads for a top loader and 160 loads (large loads) for front loader.  So, you really are getting a deal!  Plus, this had 20+ reviews and not one of them was negative.  Most of the ones who bought it for diapers also use it on their other laundry with great success and there were several reviews from people with eczema or sensitive skin that were excited to finally find this product!
Nellie's Laundry Soda - several of the diaper sites recommended this detergent as well because its a very simple detergent that does its job without any kind of additives and its cost effective.  50 loads/ $9.99 + shipping or 120 loads/$18.99 + shipping.
Soap Nuts - This is a very interesting product.  Its completely all natural as it is the fruit that grows on the soap tree.  There are two websites where I found this product for sale Maggie's Soap Nuts and NaturOli.

18.  Ameda Breast Shell System - very cool breast shields that catch milk leakage so you can use it and also helps with sore nipples, engorgement, inverted nipples, etc. $26.99/ free shipping.

I just ordered the Breast soothers and a nursing shirt from Expressiva and it came very promptly and I LOVE the nursing shirt!  It is super soft and stretchy with an empire waist where the nursing opening is and it is long enough that I can wear it right now!  Love it!!   Plus, I got it on clearance for $17.99!  Oh, yeah.....  Hopefully, I'll be able to get  a few more shirts.  I like their styles because they are way more flattering than the ones you get at stores like motherhood maternity, target and so on.  Here's what it looks like on (plus another look at my ever expanding belly:):

This is where the nursing flap is or you can pull the wrap part to each side and nurse that way.  Cool, huh?  (You know you want one, Nerrrsa!)


Donna said...

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Nessa and Jeebs said...

I'm glad you like that shirt cuz it looks like a couch from 1972!!!!! hehehehehehe- I had to say it- you're tripping me out with all your doodads- oh- hey- do you have stretch marks? I'm just wondering cuz I thought it was only like 15 percent of women that don't get them, but i've seen so many gerts without them lately that I'm thinking I am swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool. just wondering where you stand on this :) I thought i'd get jeebs to take a pic of my belly and then photoshop out the stretchmarks and be like- oh yeah look at me, no stretchmarks hahahaha

kjames106 said...

Thanks for all the links! You rock!! And might I say, you look quite beautiful!

That shirt is crazy! It's looks like liquid or something!!