Monday, December 21, 2009

Ailey Grace development update 3

For the past couple of weeks, Ailey Grace has been walking along the edges of furniture, or as she likes to do often, walking behind me while in the process of pulling my pants down. Whichever. She also has been eating cheerios and basically anything she finds on the floor. Yeah. She's gotten really good at eating off of a spoon and REALLY enjoys her solid food feedings now.:)

In the last few days, she's been clapping her hands together. She's so cute! She's also super-duper talkative. Sometimes, I'll catch her talking to a teddy bear or stuffed animal of some sort. So sweet!

Oh, yeah, she's also at the point of throwing little fits to get her way. Interesting approach, I must say.

It is now time, for sure-for sure, to have the Sweetness in her own bed! Sleep deprivation has been kicked up a notch for both of us and oh, how its time! Soon, grasshopper!

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Mzzterry said...

Just dropped by to WISH YOU A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS**~~**~~ THANK YOU FOR BEING MY BLOGGY FRIEND~~**~~** and my real life friend.too. love to ALL of you!!!