Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ailey Grace development update 4

She has a tooth!!! I just noticed it. Its already above the gumline, so I'm probably a day or two late as far as "breaking" news. ;p I also wanted to add in that she has been clapping her hands together for about a week now. Its so cute. She usually holds one hand still while the other does the clapping. She's also been talking to stuffed animals. It usually sounds like she's very surprised and she starts squeaking. Then she'll hug them and rub them around her face. Oh, the sweetness! When she sits up, she sits back on her legs with her feet under her. Zekey used to do that, too. We've had several people comment on that.:) She has a very sweet temperament, but boy can she voice her opinion when all is not right in her little world! Such an adventure, these kiddos!!!

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