Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kids' cuteness

I really think Ailey is going to be my veggie eater. She loves peas , sweet potatoes, carrots and beans. Know what else she likes? 4-cheese stuffed its going out of style! She can also do some major damage to pineapple and cheese pizza. Her fine motor skills are, quite frankly, amazing.

Lately, Ailey had been making the funniest noises. Think lots of variations on the whoopee cushion. ;) She had my mom cracking up when she was here. I'm going to try and get this on video and perhaps put it on youtube so everyone can see it. Even funnier still is the fact that neither of the boys really did that and she's our dainty little girl makin' those sounds. Ahhhh....tha's my girl!:) She's also my climber. She is quite adept at getting on and off the coffee table now. She can also make it from her seat to the top of the table quite easily. I just hope I don't ever walk in to find her on top of the fridge. She'll be going into gymnastics or something if that ever happens!

Now, then....I've just gotta share what Zekey has been doing lately. If Sam or I tell him he has to do something, i.e. pick up toys or go get in his bed to take a nap, he tilts his head to one side, squints his eyes up a little bit and asks, "Wha you say?" Almost like he can somehow get out of it by playing ignorant. Its pretty cute, though. He's also been doing a great job riding the little bike with training wheels. Its so neat to see that we have gone from putting in HOURS of showing Braden how to pedal a bike to Braden teaching Zekey how to ride. Ailey will have two big brothers helping her out! Zekey also went with me the other night to go pick up some pizzas and make a quick run to the grocery store. It was such a sweet time! He's quite different when he is by himself. He's very chatty and just so sweet and he loves the individual attention, but in a very content way. I love Mommy and Daddy dates with the kids!

Braden continues to pray that the food will get yummier, but he's also been praying like this, "Please, just nourish this food and bless it to our bodies..." So funny!!!! I love it!!! He also said today, "Momma, aren't you so glad I'm a boy?" (We were playing a target game and I think his intention was to ask if I was glad he was a boy and good at shooting the targets BECAUSE he's a boy;) And I said, "Yes, but why is that important?" He looked back at me, shrugged his shoulders and replied, "I don't know, its just the way God made me!" Oh, he's such a funny kiddo! Oh, and he is quite the helper! He LOVES to help me clean the house. I'm probably going to revisit having him help me with the dishes soon. He used to be quite good at rinsing.

There have been several funny things that they've been doing lately and I just haven't been able to get on here to get them down. Gonna have to try a little harder.:)

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Mzzterry said...

oh. do that shelly. i would give ANYTHING if I had written down the daily things that I thought I would remember forever...cuz, I just don't recall all those precious moments now. But the ones I do recall are Oh so sweet!! So write 'em down. Even the mundane stuff. One day you will treasure it....I promise.