Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The heart of the matter

God has really been dealing with the state of my heart lately. I have had to revisit areas of issue of said heart that I thought had already been corrected and given to God's control. Apparently, without being very conscious of it, I had slowly taken control back and my heart was becoming a rather yucky place again. Pride, rebellion, bitterness and martyrdom had seeped in and made themselves right at home there. Reminds me of those Mucinex commercial. Ew! So, thankfully, God started showing me that all that mess was in there and that I was not only giving it a home, but embracing it at times. Gross! First, He allowed a situation to crop up where bitterness and martyrdom were exposed. I hated every moment of it, but I had to come to the place where I had to truly let God be my defense and I had to really examine what it means to truly do things "as unto the Lord". I'm not saying I have this down pat, but the outcome is that I was doing things under condition and God wants me to labor in love...UN-conditionally. So, yucky heart, its time for you to GO!

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