Thursday, February 4, 2010

Homeschool progress

Braden is doing soooo well with homeschooling! He's just such a sponge! Anyway, way back when I said I ordered My Father's World curriculum and I even got it all sorted and my mom GREATLY added to the cache of books that were needed and so for a time it was ready to be used. The problem I then faced was the lack of space to use it in. It has lots of hands on projects and things and every time I tried to do one there were two other sets of grabby hands thwarting efforts.;) So, I just decided to stick with the Bible readings and Hooked on Phonics until such a time as we could make the project stuff happen. Well, that time has come. I've gotten it out and we even started on some of it yesterday. The curriculum has me teaching Braden the 100 chart where he counts to 100. I decided to combine it with a little finance info, so I got out 100 pennies and had him count the pennies and place one on top of each number as he went, then I got out 5 pennies and a nickel and told him that they equal each other and then 10 pennies and two nickels and a dime and so on and so forth up to $1 equaling the 100 pennies and other combos of the other change. He had no problem getting all of that and he remembers it all! So amazing. Anyway, I even went so far as to explain tithe to him and hopefully we'll be putting that into action soon. Still want to get him that money savvy piggy bank....really need to remember to do that soon.....

Oh, and since it has taken so long to really get started on the curriculum, I've decided to not concentrate on the reading aspect at all since he is getting that from HOP and just going through the math and projects and reading all the books. I'm confident that at the rate he goes and as much as he enjoys projects, we will be done by May. He's almost done with HOP, so I think for the remainder of the "semester" I'll just have him reread all of the stories in it and add on some other beginner readers that Memaw gave him. Yay! Then, it will be time to get everything ready for next year....oh, boy!

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emily said...

my favorite part of MFW is the devotions!!!!! i still think back to some of the precious lessons we learned like taking the leaf off the tree and watching it wither all week. need to re-crank it out for ruben when he gets older, round two :)