Monday, January 31, 2011

A Backyard "boat" and some stylin' and profilin'

The boys had been very busy out in the backyard and when I looked out to see what they had been doing, Braden said they'd built a boat. They had opened up the floppy swimming pool, put some chairs in it, plus the sandbox (you gotta have a work table;) and had gotten out the surviving fishing pole and were having a grand 'ole time! I had to get some pictures because it was so stinkin' creative.

Meanwhile, inside the house, I had embellished Ailey's plain white tutu that I had gotten many moons ago in the Target dollar aisle. I put it on her and the next thing I knew she had gotten her rubber boots on and was struttin' her cuteness around the house. Yep, another photo op.

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