Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I like nicknames.  I think it is because I never had one.  Dad used to call me and my sister puddintang #1 and puddintang #2, but because it was the same name, it doesn't count. :)

So all my kids have been given nicknames, except Brea, until now....

Braden's was punkin for the longest time and then I started calling him Braden-boy-o.  Not super creative, but it stuck and it works.

Ezekiel has a few that are variations on his name: Zekey, Zekes and Zekers.  Zekers is my favorite.

Ailey.  Well, Ailey has MANY.  First it was Ler-ler, which morphed into Ler-lu.  Then, I added Dooterbops, which I then further broke down into doots and dooters and sometimes bubby-doots, while still using dooterbops on occasion.  Sam and a few others call her Gracie because Grace is her middle name.  She knows and responds to them all.  She's already a multi-tasker. ;p

Brea is still a work in progress.  I call her Brea-boops sometimes and am trying out Boopsy/Boopsy-Doopsy and today decided to add in Scoochamadooch, which will be made into variations such as Scoochamadoochers and shortened into Scooch most of the time.  At first, I was at quite a loss because it seemed that I had used up my girly nickname arsenal on Ailey, but I feel I'm on the right track now....maybe.  Gotta give them more time to settle in.


vanillafrog said...

E has a ton of nicknames, too. We used to call him Scooch sometimes, too!

Nessa and Jeebs said...

wow.. taylor is tates or taters- she even tells people to call her taters! Cage is Cagey or Cajun or Ragin' Ezra's is bugs or buggy and Kilmeny is meny, meny mooks, meny mookers or mookus :)