Saturday, November 5, 2011

Here we go...again...

Throughout the past decade, God has really been working on me.  (Or more correctly, I've been open to Him working on me. ;)  There are so many things I used to do that now hold no sway for me.  I have no or very little interest in them anymore.  I don't watch movies with an R rating because of language or nudity or both and I really don't need all the violent mess either.  The same goes if it has witchcraft or magic as being good in it or that somehow the source of it is human developed or evolved or some other non-sense.  Depending on what the message is, mostly I won't watch something with witchcraft or magic at all because I really don't need that in my mind in any shape or form.   If its PG-13, I find out why.  If there's any sort of nudity or compromising relational scenes in it, its an abolute no-go.  I have no tolerance for gratuitous violence, language or scenes involving exposure of body parts and no commitment beyond getting to the goal of self satisfaction.  Even if there is a commitment, why must I see what someone else does with it?!  No thanks!  Why must I rant on about this?  Well, do let me share!

I gave up a lot of shows several years ago.  Anyone who's known me for a long time, knows I have seen way too many movies and tv shows in my time so far.  Sam and I agreed to rid ourselves of cable and satellite due to the graphic nature of most shows, not to mention the commercials!  I went to just going to certain channel websites to watch specific shows, for which I had an appreciation.  We also have Netflix for the occasional veg out session.  Here are the ones that I kept up with:  Psych, Eureka, Warehouse 13, Sanctuary, Haven and there are occasional shows on Masterpiece Theater that I like to watch.  Basically, all of these have been nixed for me recently due to the content falling into one of the above categories.  I was watching the latest episodes of Eureka and Warehouse 13 and I really just felt God saying to me to really look at what I was watching.  I had felt Him trying to get my attention about it, but to be honest,  I really liked the shows and didn't want to give them up.  God is so patient with me and He just gently persisted and finally, I listened. :)

This last season on Eureka, the sex content has skyrocketed. Not one episode goes by that doesn't have something to do with that.  The sad part to me is, it really isn't necessary.  The premise of the show is funny and quirky and enjoyable.  Why, oh, why did they have to start adding gunk in there?  If it is for ratings sake, I'm going to go with a huge, "Oh, Please!!!" on that because the show has a following and people were already hooked on it for the funny quirkiness.  Now, Warehouse 13's premise was along the same funny, quirky lines, but really deals with the paranormal without admitting it in the show itself.  Interesting.  This may sound odd, unreal or outlandish to some, but its very real for me.  I don't want what I watch to open any door for the enemy (meaning demons a.k.a. satan and his cronies) to have any sort of influence in this house or my family!  Yuck!

Okay, so I just knew as I watched it that I shouldn't be.  Psych - same funny, quirkiness.  There's a whole bunch of silliness in that show that I really enjoy and appreciate, but throughout the seasons the sex content has escalated.  Also, the language has continually gotten stronger and more frequent.  Again, not needed.  Alas, it too, must go.  Sanctuary - along the same lines and issues of Warehouse -13.  Haven has an eeriness to it that just didn't sit right.  I always liked X-Files and it has that kind of feel to it.  Masterpiece Theater has plenty of the no-gos from above without any sort of warnings.  Its nearly like it thinks it can get away with airing that stuff just because its on PBS and because its usually a British-made show of some sort.  Now, I will say that they aren't all like that and there have been many enjoyable shows without all the extraneous, yucky mess included.  Anyway, basically, its about protecting my mind, heart and home and those shows have all kinds of stuff in it that does the exact opposite.  So, I don't need them.  There is a freedom there knowing that I don't have to be held captive by things like that, but I will admit that its disappointing because I do like to veg out on occasion with a good flick and my options are getting less.  That's fine, though, because the benefit outweighs the hardship/sacrifice. :)  Oh, and the best thing is, I know I am blessing my Father God's heart by submitting to Him in all of this and you just can't beat that!

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melvin said...

Hello Shelly, what a beautiful family.
I wish you the best.